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There are plenty of websites on the Internet dedicated to different dog breeds. But when I, Caroline, was searching for the detailed information about the health issues Samoyed dog breed is prone to have, I realized there were not so many sources telling about the Samoyeds. I then decided to help other Samoyed owners find the guides and useful tips on living with a Samoyed. This is when the Samoyed Dogs Guide appeared online.

About Samoyed Dogs Guide

If you love the Samoyed dog breed as much as we do, you will find the articles on this website handy and detailed. We will arm you with the info you need before purchasing a Samoyed. We will share tips on how to take care of these dogs and how to train them. You will get insight into their personality and traits. You will fall in love with the Samoyeds!

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Caroline Gorrard


Scott Page


Allyson Wond