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Allyson Wond

Do Samoyeds Have High Prey Drives?

Do Samoyeds have high prey drives?
Samoyeds are often considered some of the friendliest and most loyal dogs in the world. They come from the cold regions of Siberia where they were bred for hunting, herding and shedding. They are also the most closely associated with…

Excitement Peeing in Samoyed Puppies

excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies
Often an overexcited Samoyed puppy releases a few drops of urine. If they are frightened, this behavior is also normal. This usually happens involuntarily when a puppy loses control of the muscles close to the urinary bladder. This happens as…

How to Stop a Samoyed from Pulling?

samoyed pulling on leash
What to do if your Samoyed pulls on a leash? Many people have a foul experience when walking their Samoyeds. Samoyeds require a lot of exercises, so walking them is something owners should do daily. This becomes difficult if you…

Why Do Samoyeds Have a Sensitive Stomach?

samoyed with sensitive stomach
Why Is My Samoyed a Picky Eater? The main reason for a Samoyed being a picky eater is their sensitive stomach. Let’s discuss the most common health conditions a Sammy faces, why Samoyeds are picky eaters and what food to…