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Allyson Wond

Samoyed Colors: Are all Samoyeds White?

samoyed biscuit color
This breed is known as the “Smiling Sammy”, because of its upturned cornered mouth. They are also affectionately called, Sammies. Samoyeds are known for their plush and bright white coat. The fun-loving Samoyeds originate from Northern Siberia. The Samoyede people…

Why Do Samoyed Dogs Pant so Much?

why do samoyeds pant so much
Compared to other dog breeds, Samoyed dogs pant more. Their body is built for freezing weather conditions. At -40F where no other dog breed can survive, a Samoyed can live easily. At warm places, with temperatures above 60F, they pant…

Samoyed Behavior Issues

samoyed behavior issues
Samoyed Behavior Problems While Samoyeds are great dogs to have, they are known to have a few behavioral problems. Before you get a Samoyed, there are several things that we should warn you about, and one of them is their…

Do Samoyeds Have High Prey Drives?

Do Samoyeds have high prey drives?
Samoyeds are often considered some of the friendliest and most loyal dogs in the world. They come from the cold regions of Siberia where they were bred for hunting, herding and shedding. They are also the most closely associated with…

Excitement Peeing in Samoyed Puppies

excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies
Often an overexcited Samoyed puppy releases a few drops of urine. If they are frightened, this behavior is also normal. This usually happens involuntarily when a puppy loses control of the muscles close to the urinary bladder. This happens as…