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Excitement Peeing in Samoyed Puppies

excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies
Often an overexcited Samoyed puppy releases a few drops of urine. If they are frightened, this behavior is also normal. This usually happens involuntarily when a puppy loses control of the muscles close to the urinary bladder. This happens as…

Samoyed Puppy First Bath

running samoyed
How to give your Samoyed puppy their first bath There are a lot of things to consider when you get a Samoyed. Giving them their first bath may seem nightmarish at first, but it is quite simple. There should be…

Samoyed teething guide

samoyed teeth
How long does teething last? If you have a Samoyed puppy that is losing puppy teeth or teething, take the following steps as soon as possible: Let them chew if they are comfortable while doing so Monitor teeth loss Start…