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Samoyed crate training. When to start?

When and how to start crate training? So you’ve heard about dog crate training, and you seem interested. “Should I crate train my Samoyed?”, “Is it worth it?” , “Is it cruel to do so?”, these questions and more may…

Samoyed as a sled dog breed

sled samoyed
Are Samoyeds sled dogs? The Samoyedic tribes of Siberia used Samoyed dogs, and hence the name has been derived so. Samoyed dogs were first used for sledding, hunting, and herding. These dogs usually are white, but some of them have…

Are Samoyeds Easy to Train?

samoyed training
Samoyed Training There are many different opinions regarding training your Samoyed. Some Samoyed owners say that Samoyeds are too stubborn. Training them can be difficult because of this. There are also very free-spirited and get bored very easily. It is…