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Can Samoyeds Swim? Are Samoyeds Water Dogs?

Do Samoyeds Like to Swim?

Teaching your Samoyed to swim might be a difficult task. After getting a Samoyed, you will notice that they may not like swimming very much. This is because of their fur. Samoyeds are very fluffy dogs with a thick fur. This fur tends to get weighed down when they get wet. This might be the reason that your Samoyed is not a water dog and does not enjoy swimming. Practically speaking, we also do not like the feeling of wet clothes on our bodies. The same with Samoyeds, their fur gets quite heavy when they fully get into water.

Smiling Sammy or Swimming Sammy?

Like most other high altitude dogs, Samoyeds have a thick coat. Due to this, they do not enjoy swimming very much. Can Samoyeds swim? Well, like other dogs, Samoyeds can do the doggie paddle. However, most Samoyed owners say that they prefer not to dive into deep waters where they have to swim. With that being said, you can train a Samoyed to swim and if you see they enjoy being in water, you should continue water exercises.

Can Samoyeds swim?

Samoyeds are a breed of dogs that originated from Siberia and Russia. They were bred to sledders and herders. These dogs are not used to being in water as in most cases, water in these regions is frozen. It is also to be noted that even when the lakes and ponds are not frozen, they are ice-cold. This is why most Siberian dogs are not accustomed to swimming. These dogs can swim and like most dogs, they do the doggie paddle. However, they are not very fast swimmers but this is due to their body type.

If you live in warmer climates, you might train your Samoyed to swim to cool down. Samoyeds will happily stay in water in a hot summer day. However, they might hesitate to go deep where it will be necessary to swim.

Are Samoyed water dogs?

Samoyeds may gravitate to water if it is a hot day. However, they were not originally bred to be water dogs. Their physiology is made in such a way that it is not naturally comfortable for them to be in water. Their fur will get very heavy when it is wet making it difficult for them to swim. On the top of that, their fur makes them feel like they are sinking due to the heaviness of wet fur. Naturally, Samoyeds are not water dogs, but they can be trained to swim.

Do Samoyeds like to swim?

All dogs enjoy swimming if they are taught not to be afraid of the water. In hotter weather, your Samoyed maybe more inclined to enter a pool or a pond. If you see your Sammy entering water with caution, try to encourage it. You may play with your dog close to water so your Sammy would wet its paws. 

Later, when you see your Sammy does not afraid of getting wet, start playing pool fetch. As you know, Samoyeds are very active dogs that love exercising. Water games are a good way to release dog energy. To play it, stand in a pool near the steps, throw a ball to the opposite side and watch your Sammy jump to retrieve it. Ask to bring the ball back to you.


How to train a Samoyed to swim

There might be days when you would want to take your Samoyed out to enjoy water activities at the beach. But what if your Sammy does not know how to swim?  

Like any other training, training your Samoyed to swim takes time and effort on your part. Training should always start in the younger months but not too early so they would be able to handle it. The best time would be from 16 to 20 weeks.

Let’s break down the training into several steps. Before beginning the actual training, first, you need to be prepared with the props. Just as you would do with a young child in their first swim, you should get your Samoyed puppy a life jacket. This is essential as you want them to feel secure in the water. Some puppies tend to panic when they are first learning how to swim which will result in them drowning. This will only make the swimming lessons worse. Make sure to get a life jacket that just fits your Samoyed puppy, not too loose and not too tight. Another important thing to remember is to always have a bowl of freshwater near them in case they get thirsty. Swimming can be a very tiring exercise which is why you should have water to quench their thirst.

Steps to teach your Samoyed puppy swimming

  1. The first step will be to get your Samoyed accustomed to the water. Slowly guide them into the water without pushing them too hard. The worst thing you can do is toss them inside a deep pool. They will have a traumatic experience with swimming and will not want to do it again. If they are showing some resistance to coming in, try bringing their favorite toy in.
  2. Always try to be as slow and calm as possible. Make sure that you guide your Sammy to the shallow part of the water where they will be able to stand. It is best to take it slow at the beginning. Even if your Samoyed can reach the bottom of the water, do not force them into the deeper side. Let them get accustomed to floating in the water. Try to start their swimming lessons in areas where you can see the bottom of the water. This is to make sure that no debris is at the bottom where it could harm your puppy.
  3. By the time your puppy gets used to the water, they will eventually start swimming on their own. Their curiosity will kick in, and they will begin to wader to deeper waters. Make sure you stay by their side this whole time. Try not to leave them alone and do not leave them unattended. Always stay close and keep an eye on them.
  4. Remember that it may not always go this way. Some Samoyeds may not enjoy swimming in the first go. They may go back and leave the water after some time. You can continue the lessons until they are confident to swim alone. Do not force them to stay in the water if they do not wish to. Also remember to keep the first few lessons short. Fifteen minutes a day is more than enough time for a puppy that has never swum before.


As mentioned above, training your Samoyed to swim is like any other training where you have to be persistent. If you give up, your Samoyed will not have the push they need to learn the skill. Keep trying until they are fully confident in the water. It is a given that they will learn to love the water. Since Samoyeds have an excessive amount of energy, swimming will be a great way to release that energy. It can be a bonus exercise for them and will also be a great way to spend time with them.


Related Questions:

Why is it difficult for my Samoyed to learn how to swim?

There maybe many reasons. Make sure that your Samoyed is not too young to start swimming. Wait until they are at least four to five months before you take them for a swim. It may also be the opposite reason that your Samoyed is too old to start swimming. Samoyeds who are much older may not have the mobility and stamina to swim. Another reason may also be that your Samoyed is too tired. Make sure you give them frequent breaks while trying to teach them to swim. Also try to take the first few tries very easy and do not force them if they are fearful of water. Try to just get the fear out of them first.


What to do after swimming with my Samoyed?

Taking care of their fur after swimming is very important, especially after swimming in a pool with chlorinated water. Always bath them after swimming to get all the chlorine out of their fur as it might cause problems like over shedding. 


Most of care tips are similar to the ones we give in this article about bathing a Samoyed. Shortly, after showering a dog, make sure to dry off its coat properly, especially underneath. The next step would be to brush Samoyeds thick coat with a comb to avoid hair entangling.