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Why do Samoyed ears become floppy and how to make them stand up?

Is your Samoyed six months old and their ears haven’t stood up yet? No worries, it is totally normal, they will perk up in due time. But in many cases, you may see droopy ears due to various reasons. Here are some of the best tips for you on how to make Samoyed ears stand up. 

How to make Samoyed dog ears stand up?

Samoyed ears are the most distinguished features of this dog breed. They stand up straight and add to the beauty of your playful and energetic friend. However, it is seen in many cases that Samoyed is already a grown-up pup (nearly six months old) and their ears haven’t stood up yet. 
Wondering why your Samoyed ears are still floppy? Let us explore some common reasons behind Samoyed’s droopy ears.
  1. The age of your Samoyed
  2. Deficiency in diet
  3. Amount of ear leather present in your puppy’s ear 
  4. Consistent rubbing of head and neck in initial months 

Reasons behind why Samoyed ears become floppy

Samoyeds are intelligent and friendly and make great companions. Their fluffy white appearance along with their perky ears are a sight to behold. But many pet owners have been concerned with Samoyed floppy ears. There are several factors working behind it. 

Let us discuss in detail why your Samoyed puppy’s ears haven’t stood up yet. 

  • The age of your Samoyed 
    Did you get a puppy and are concerned because its ears don’t stand up? Since Samoyeds are well known for their perky ear, you may start thinking why my dog has one floppy ear. Are you wondering whether something is wrong with your pup? Should you consult the vet for this?
    No reasons to get worried about it. Your puppy is fine. Floppy ears are normal in puppies. They stand up with time. The reason your Samoyed ears are down is that your pup has not reached the right age. The ears in a Samoyed puppy require time to develop.
    The cartilage inside a dog’s ears makes them stand up. It grows at the base of the ear and hardens over time. The growth of the cartilage takes time. Also, the development of this cartilage depends on the diet of your Samoyed pup. The cartilage starts developing when the Samoyed puppy is around four weeks old. However, in some cases, the process may begin later, at about six weeks old. 
    There is nothing to worry about if your Samoyed is six months old and their ears haven’t stood up yet. Watch your puppy’s ears closely next time when something excites it or if it is overjoyed. If the ears start standing up, rest assured the feature is going to become prominent in due time when the cartilage develops. 
  • Deficiency in Diet 
    Did you know the diet of your Samoyed plays a role in making its ears stand up? The diet in the first six to seven months helps in the growth of the ear cartilage for the future. Dietary deficiency can result in one ear up and one ear down. 
    Calcium is an important nutrient that your Samoyed puppy requires for healthy growth. It is calcium that helps the ear cartilage grow and become hard. If the diet of your Samoyed puppy is calcium poor, it can affect the development of its significant feature, the perky Samoyed ears. 
    Try the following if your pup’s diet lacks the required amount of calcium. 
    Monitor the diet of your Samoyed. The dietary requirements of your pup change with its age. This is why dog foods change depending on their age. If your Samoyed pup prefers dry food, select the food that is especially meant for medium to large dog breeds. Also, you should be aware that when Samoyeds get older they are at risk from skeleton diseases, for example, hip dysplasia. 
    Calcium is important, but please do not go overboard with it. Raw chew bone and cottage cheese are some items that you can add to their diet. A teaspoon of calcium in these forms will help with their growth. However, an overdose or inadequate amount of calcium has an adverse effect on the bones and skeletal system. Also, it can cause kidney or urinary problems. 
    At times both dry food or homemade food is unable to provide the amount of calcium required by your puppy. In times like this, you can turn to supplements. Select the supplements that are rich in elements like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A, D. Before adding any supplements to your pup’s diet, always consult a veterinarian first. 
  • Amount of ear leather present in your puppy’s ear
    The amount of ear leather present in your puppy varies from breed to breed. You must be asking what is ear leather? Ear leather is cartilage that has more fur and skin on a particular side. Samoyed ears are triangular, covered in fur, and mostly erect. This indicates less amount of ear leather. 
    For example, dog breeds like the Basset hound dog have heavy ear leather and due to this their ears always remain floppy. None of the supplements can make the ears stand up because it is genetic. 
  • Consistent rubbing of head and neck in first months
    Even you may be unintentionally contributing to floppy ears in your Samoyed pup. Playing with your dog’s ears or pressing down on your puppy’s ears can result in one ear up and one ear down. 
    Vigorous petting can destroy cartilage growth. As a result, the cartilage would not be strong enough to hold its own weight. This also answers your question about why my dog has one floppy ear. If your pup has played roughly with other dogs then this could have softened and degraded the cartilage resulting in the Samoyed floppy ears.  

How to make dog ears stand up?

Having gone through the various reasons as to why Samoyeds may have floppy ears, we come to the main question, can you make the ears stand up? There are good chances for your Samoyed floppy ears to perk up if it is not genetic. Here are some tips to try

Change the diet

If your Samoyed pup is close to six months and their ears are still floppy, then you can visit your vet. You can then change the diet of your puppy as per your vet’s instructions. A balanced diet with high calcium is beneficial for your pup’s growth. Also, keep in mind not to overload the diet with supplements. The best way to proceed is to consult a vet and make the necessary changes. 

Cutting the fur around your Samoyed pup’s ears

The Samoyed breed is well-known and loved for its heavy fur. However, this fur can also become an obstacle for the ears to stand up. The weight of the fur can prevent the ears from standing up. Cutting the fur and reducing the load on the ears can make your Samoyed ears stand up. 

Ear tapping 

It is painless for most dogs, the process of ear tapping is seen as a solution to how to make dog ears stand up. In this process, the back of your puppy’s ears is supported with cardboard or popsicle. The support objects are taped to the ear usually with medical tape and never plain tape. This tapping can be kept on for seven days. The support is to help the cartilage grow strong and stand on its own. 


If your Samoyed is older than six months and their ears haven’t stood up yet, there is nothing to worry about. Your little cloud of happiness is perfectly healthy. You can try out changing the diet after consulting a vet or try some light measures like cutting the fur around the ear. 

Also, do remember not to play with their ears too much or let your Samoyed play rough with its friends. When all these things are followed carefully, rest assured those floppy Samoyed ears are going to perk up soon. When did your Sam’s ears perk up? Be sure to let us know. 

Related Questions:

Are there any chances that the Samoyed ears become floppy at a later stage in life?

To answer this, it is necessary to understand factors like the genetics of your puppy, the environment, and your pup’s development. All these play a significant role in determining the perky ear feature at a later stage.   

You must take good care of your Samoyed. If their ears are already standing up from a younger stage, rest assured they are going to stay like that for the rest of their life. However, sometimes puppies or dogs get into fights and injure themselves. Incidents like this and dietary changes may cause their perky ears to become floppy.

Why does my dog have one floppy ear? 

The amount of ear leather and over-petting in the initial stages are some of the most common reasons why your Samoyed dog has one floppy ear. The amount of ear leather varies from breed to breed. However, Samoyeds are known for their perky ears and have less amount of ear leather. 

Puppies often play rough or rub their head vigorously on a specific side. These can cause the ear of that specific side to become floppy. It can also happen with an adult dog if they were in an accident or fight that injured ears on a particular side.