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Samoyed Puppy First Bath

How to give your Samoyed puppy their first bath

There are a lot of things to consider when you get a Samoyed. Giving them their first bath may seem nightmarish at first, but it is quite simple. There should be no fear involved while giving your Samoyed their first bath if you know a few tips and tricks. You could always go to a groomer and rely on their experience. However, bathing Samoyed puppy yourself creates a good bonding time for you and your puppy.

When should a Samoyed puppy get their first bath?

Many people have different opinions about when is the best time to give your Samoyed their first bath. Experts say that you should wait until a puppy is 10-11 weeks old to bathe them for the first time. It is because bathing at a very young age might cause a puppy’s skin to dry out. However, this might be difficult since their white fur gets dirty easily. When Samoyed puppies are at least 15 weeks old, you can bathe them as often as it is necessary to keep their fur clean and as long as you use a good quality shampoo. 

What should I bathe my puppy with for the first time?

Some Samoyed owners suggest using only water for their few baths especially when a puppy is very young. Water removes most of the debris on their fur so this is a good idea if you are afraid of drying out their skin. Another helpful tip is to always brush their fur. You should brush their hair at least once a day, daily. This helps untangle their hair and remove most of the dirt stuck on their fur.

How to bath your Samoyed for the first time

  1. Use a protein spray and brush your Samoyed’s fur before bathing to prevent it from getting overly tangled.
  2. Your Samoyed puppy will try to run away at the sight of water. You could leash them while bathing as this will make sure they do not run around and get shampoo all over the house.
  3. You can try diluting the shampoo with water to make it gentler for your puppy.
  4. Keep giving your puppy treats throughout the bathing process. As you keep doing this, they will understand that is not a punishment. Samoyeds are not very happy with water, but they will begin to bear it soon enough.
  5. While you are blow-drying your Samoyed, you can let them walk around as move. Do not force them to sit in one place as this will make it a negative experience for them.
  6. You can use a conditioner after the bath. This depends on your Samoyed’s mood. If they are getting too anxious then it is better to skip on the conditioner and use it next time.

Sammy puppy first bath: step-by-step

Samoyed puppy’s first bath might be scary for both of you. It is important to stay calm and take control of the situation. You should be prepared for your puppy to get uncomfortable and start fidgeting. This is completely normal. It is up to you, the owner, to calm them down and help them get through this hurdle.

  1. The first step while bathing your Sammy is to always be prepared with everything that you need. Lay a towel near the tub to make it easier to dry them after bathing. Prepare a table to place them for blow-drying. Keep the treats ready near the tub to make sure they are accessible when your Samoyed gets restless.
  2. For their first bath, it is best to bathe them in a bathtub. This way, you get better control when they start getting anxious. Keep your puppy in the tub then start to fill the tub with water. This will help them get acclimatized to the water temperature. You only need to fill up to the puppy’s ankle-length. A good tip is to place small cotton balls in your puppy’s ears to prevent water from entering. 
  3. When you and your Samoyed are finally ready for the bath, use the shower head to thoroughly wet only the body of the puppy. Make sure that every part of the body is thoroughly wet. Remember how thick the Samoyed’s fur is so it must be wet right to the skin. If you are not going to use shampoo, then a shower head is very useful. You can use it to control the intensity of the water to make sure that the dirt gets removed.
  4. If you are using shampoo, then slather it on the body first. Be gentle but firm and massage the shampoo on the Samoyed’s fur. Make sure that you get into the nooks and clean them thoroughly. You can clean the head area last. Dogs are very sensitive about their heads so remember to be gentle with that area. Be careful with the area around the eyes, ears and mouth. Also, remember to be very careful that the shampoo does not enter these areas.
  5. When rinsing the shampoo, always start from the head. This way the water runs down their body. If you do it the other way round, the water from their heads will flow down to their bodies again and you will have to repeat the process. Remember to rinse very thoroughly till all the shampoo gets removed from their fur. Make sure you rinse their stomachs properly since these areas are usually forgotten. Always make sure you rinse them till the water runs clear. This is a good sign that all the shampoo has been washed off.
  6. After your Samoyed is clean, thoroughly towel dry them. Take them to the grooming table for a blow-dry. Be very careful when using the dryer as you may hurt them. Keep the dryer as far away from the puppy as possible. Keep in mind that your Samoyed puppy may be afraid of the dryer sound. Introduce it to them slowly and do not force them to sit if they are fearful.

Blow-dry technique

Keep the blow-dry on slow as you start. Be very gentle and try to help your Samoyed get used to the dryer first. Dry the other layer of fur first then go deeper. When the outer layers are dry, you can start using a brush. At first, you should use a pin brush to dry the fur. After it is 90% dried, you can switch to a slicker brush. Try to brush their fur upwards so it becomes nice and fluffy.

Remember to never leave your Samoyed’s fur wet. Make sure that it is always thoroughly dry, right to the inside. Damp hair may lead to skin infections and an unpleasant fishy smell.


How often to bathe my Samoyed?

The frequency of bathing your Samoyed depends on their age. Usually, for older Samoyeds, it is recommended that they should be bathed once every six months. The frequency for younger and more active Samoyeds is much higher. Once in two-three months is good enough if your puppy is clean. If they enjoy playing in the mud, then it may be more frequent. Usually, for everyday dust and dirt, brushing can get most of it out.


Samoyeds may be a high maintenance dog breed when it comes to grooming, but they are one of the most family-friendly dogs. Many first-time Samoyed owners tend to get stressed for their puppy’s first bath, but it is not that big of a deal. Make notes of all the above-mentioned points and you will be good to go. There is a great feeling of accomplishment after you have had that first bath. Also, bathing your puppy usually makes you much closer companions.

Related Questions:

Is shampoo residue dangerous for my Samoyed?

Leaving shampoo on your Samoyed puppy may not have directly dangerous consequences, but it may cause some great discomfort to them. Shampoo residue can cause itchiness and irritation to your puppy’s skin. Your puppy will have to keep scratching on their skin which may cause scratches and cuts. The shampoo will also dry out their skin which may lead to many skin infections. Leaving shampoo on will also make their fur look dull and not shiny and lustrous. Since Samoyeds have such long hair, it is important to thoroughly rinse of shampoo otherwise their fur will get tangled and matted.

Where is the best place to give your Samoyed their first bath?

The bathtub was suggested as a place for the first bathing time since it leaves little room for your Samoyed to wiggle around. If it is a nice sunny day outside, then you can bathe your Samoyed outside. But try to use warmer water when you are bathing them outside. But please note that they may get dirty again if they get the chance to run in the mud. For the first time bath, it is best to do it in a tub so that when things get messy you can always easily clean it up.