samoyed pulling on leash

How to Stop a Samoyed from Pulling?

What to do if your Samoyed pulls on a leash?

Many people have a foul experience when walking their Samoyeds. Samoyeds require a lot of exercises, so walking them is something owners should do daily. This becomes difficult if you are getting pulled by your rather large dog. Generally, it is quite normal for Samoyeds to pull on their leash while walking. However, with proper leash training, you can eliminate this habit. Leash training is vital if you want to have nice, pleasant walks with your Samoyed.


It is very natural for your Samoyed or any other dog to pull on their leash while they are walking. This is true especially for puppies who have just started going on walks on a leash. Many owners are suffering from arm ache because of the pulling. The only way to stop pulling on a leash is through leash training. Once your Samoyed is leash trained, walks will become more pleasant. Read along to find out how to leash train your Samoyed to stop them from pulling.

Why do Samoyed dogs pull on their leashes?

samoyed pulling on leashSamoyeds and many other dogs have very sensitive noses that work as a guide. While walking, they experience different scents and smells which awakens their curiosity. They will try to run to find the source of these scents which is when they start pulling on a leash. They also start pulling when something grabs their attention. For example, when they see something that interests them like a cat or another human, they will want to run closer to them. It is a very natural reaction that explains a dog’s curiosity.


Another reason for pulling on the leash is excitement. Usually, dogs become very excited to go out for walks, which means that they will automatically walk faster than you. You Samoyed will start pulling you if you lag and walk slower than they are.

Samoyed dogs are very smart animals and realize that if they pull on the leash they will get to go to the place they want to and you will follow them. They will start pulling if you let them and will go everywhere they want to.

How to Stop my Samoyed pulling on the leash?

To stop a Samoyed from pulling, you will have to motivate them by using something more exciting. Food is something that will always motivate your dog. When doing any training, professionals will always suggest using treats to motivate your dog. It is the same situation with walking. Try using treats to help your Samoyed not get distracted by other things on their way. This will grab their attention and help them realize what you want them to do.


For successful leash training your Samoyed dog, you have to make sure to grab their attention. Most of the time, the dog is more interested in their senses than in you. You should show them that it is you who controls over your walks and they will follow you.

Leash Training to Stop Pulling on the Leash

Like we mentioned above, the most effective way to stop your Sammy from pulling is proper leash training. According to multiple sources, there are a few different ways you can go about leash training your dog. The first thing that will make it easier is using a harness, specifically a front attachment harness. This will make it difficult for them to pull on the leash while walking.

When you first take your dog on the leash, make sure it is in an area they are used to. This will limit the number of distractions they might face. Your backyard will be a good place to start. Also, make sure that you have plenty of treats before the walk. After leashing your dog (use a leash at least 10-20 feet long) you can start to walk. You can walk randomly around the yard and whenever your dog chooses to walk by your side, praise them with a treat. Make sure you feed them near to your side, by your thigh. It will solidify in their minds that this is the area where the treats come from and why. Continue this method until your Samoyed automatically starts walking by your side.


The next step is to help a Samoyed understand commands related to walking. This means they should understand cue words like “let’s go” and “come here”. To do this, walk a few steps away and stop. If your dog goes ahead, call them using the phrases. Slap your thigh to get their attention or slightly apply some leash pressure. After they come to you, make sure to praise them for their behavior. Continue this until your Sammy starts getting the hang of it.

It is important to let them free once in a while. Give them some time to go where they want to explore the surroundings and maybe to answer a call of nature. This is important since it gives them the freedom to feed their curiosity. After they have had enough free time then you can use the commands to call them back.


As your Samoyed dog gets used to walking, you can shorten the leash till it is about 6 feet (1.83 m) long. This will make sure that they do not stray into danger when walking on the street. You can practice by walking then stopping and changing direction, etc. If you think that your Samoyed is well behaved enough, then you can take them to the street or a park. You should be extra cautious since there will be more distractions. Apply the same method using lots of treats and your dog will be ready to go.

How to walk a dog that pulls like a sled dog?

Sled dogs like Samoyeds are inclined to pulling on something. It is in their blood. This makes them more prone to pull on a leash when you are walking them. The thing to remember with dogs like the Samoyed is that if they are not leash trained, a walk should not be considered exercise. For them to get proper exercise, you must let them run free and tire themselves out. When you feel like your Samoyed begins to pull like a sled dog, just lightly add leash pressure to get their attention. If they still do not react, then just stand still or change your direction. Samoyeds are smart, they will eventually get the hang of it.


Another tip on how to stop a Samoyed from pulling is to start leash training when they are young puppies. Samoyeds are very strong dogs, and they are used to pulling on heavy things. If you start leash training when a Samoyed is a grown-up dog, you will not be able to control your pet. Your Samoyed will in turn control you since they will be able to pull you around. Check out other tips on walking and running with your Sammy.


Things to remember to stop pulling on a leash

Some things to remember to make leash training and walking with a Samoyed easier:

  • Always use a harness since a dog collar might injure your dog’s neck.
  • Use a short leash, at least 6 feet (1.83 m) long.
  • Always remember to have treats in your pocket.
  • If you notice your Samoyed is getting distracted, change your direction before they react to the distraction.
  • Always try to grab your dog’s attention.
  • Do not lose patience since leash training takes time and effort.


Always keep in mind that a leash is not something natural to Samoyeds. They have to get used to it. Being patient is very important since it will take time for your Samoyed to get used to it. Another important thing to keep in mind is that some days will be good and some will be bad. Try to praise your Samoyed no matter how well they do.

Related Questions:

Do harnesses stop Samoyed dogs from pulling?

Harnesses are a great choice for walking your Samoyed since they provide your dog with the right support. Using a dog collar only will cause strain on your dog’s neck and may even hurt your Sammy if you pull too hard. Harnesses prevent that from happening. You can also try No-pull harnesses that are in the market. These have one front clip and another clip behind their legs. If they pull on the leash then the leash moves to the side and not straight along the back. This helps you get control over your Samoyed and its pulling.

When can I start taking my puppy for walks on a leash?

You can begin taking your puppy on walks at the age of six weeks. Before you take them out to the streets, make sure you get them accustomed to the harness first. Try to put the harness on when they are in the house playing and slowly incorporate the leash as well. It is best to start when they are young and are easier to control. If you start leash training your Samoyed at an older age, they will be bigger and stronger. If they pull on a leash, odds are you will be pulled along with it. Starting at six weeks is the best option since puppies at this age are very adaptive and responsive to any training.