wake up samoyed to pee at night

Should I Wake up My Samoyed to Pee at Night?

Should I wake up my Samoyed to pee at night?

While your Samoyed puppy is being potty trained, you should wake them up at night to take them out to pee. Waking them up at night assures that they do not have any accidents in the house. It will also help your Sammy understand where the right place they should pee is. Though waking up a Samoyed means that you also have to wake up, it is extremely necessary for the first few months of potty training.


How often should you wake a puppy to pee?

Samoyed puppies that still need potty training usually cannot hold it for more than a few hours. So you need to wake up your Sammy every 4 hours at night at the very beginning of the potty training process.


Waking up a Samoyed is necessary if you want to have a potty trained dog. Puppies who are four-five months old or even younger need to be woken up at night since they do not have the capacity to hold in urine the whole night. You might think you are disturbing a puppy’s sleep, but it is usually necessary unless you want them to answer the call of nature inside the house. Read on below to see how you can make potty training at night easier for you and your Samoyed.

Potty training a Samoyed puppy at night

As mentioned above, you need to establish a specific nighttime routine for your Samoyed puppy. Till the age of four months, your puppy’s bladder is too small to be able to sleep throughout the night without peeing. You have to take them out at least once every night. This depends on your Samoyed age, since the younger they are, the most frequently you have to take them out to pee.

Start by taking a Samoyed outside around fifteen minutes after they have eaten. Take them out again after an hour or so and make sure you take them out right before putting them to bed. Keep an alarm for four hours to take them out one more time. If your puppy answers the call of nature earlier, then reduce the time until there are no accidents anymore. The main aim of this is to make sure that your puppy never pees inside the house.


If your Samoyed puppy is asleep, be sure to wake it up to take outside. You will have to be outside with your Sammy during this time. Take it to the place where it can pee and tell your puppy to do it. Train your Samoyed with commands, so it would understand it is time to pee. After your Sammy is done, be sure to praise it calmly and take back inside. Do not excite your pet too much as this will make it difficult to go back to sleep.

Take your Samoyed back inside and make sure that you limit the time you spend together (and do not play with the puppy at night). Put Sammy back in the crate and let it sleep.


Potty training a puppy at night inside the house

For some Samoyed owners who live in apartments, it might be difficult to take a puppy outside early in the morning. For them, what is suggested is to get a tray or a patch of grass in the balcony for their Samoyeds to pee. There are a number of options available for indoor potty like litter trays, pee pads, artificial turf, etc.


Before starting potty training, you must decide on the place where you want your puppy to go to the toilet. Try to get a waterproof mat or linoleum to line your floor with. This would prevent any damage if accidents occur. The location of the area is also something you need to think about. Try to avoid areas where people usually hang around. Kitchens, living areas, bedrooms are not the best options. Try to keep it in areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms where fewer people would enter.


The first thing to keep in mind when potty training indoor is to remember that your Samoyed may not understand the difference between your floor and the litter tray. There will have to be more effort on your part through proper scheduling and training for your Samoyed to finally get it. Get more tips on potty training in this article.


Methods of potty training at night

There are two ways you can go about indoor potty training and both require some constraint. 

  1. The first method of potty training at night is to lock your Samoyed puppy in an area with everything it needs. This includes a sleeping area, a bowl of water, a pee pad or newspaper (whatever you are using), and a few toys. After you are confident that your puppy understands the purpose of a pee pad then you can broaden the area till your Sammy can walk around the house freely and with no accidents.
  2. The second method of potty training at night, which is more widely used, is the crate method. The method is similar to the previous one where instead of a locked area you are using a crate. This area is ideal for those who do not have much space for potty training the dogs. However, even if you are potty training outside, it is best to use a crate for your puppies.
    Indoor potty training can be much better for nighttime potty training. It cuts the time you would have to go outside since this can be a big pain. However, you will still have to wake up your puppy even if they are being indoor trained. You will also have to be extra vigilant since your puppy will find it difficult to understand where they can go. You can follow the same routine as mentioned above but instead of taking them outside, you take them to their pee pad.


How long can a Samoyed puppy go without peeing at night?

The puppy’s capacity depends on the age of the puppy. An eight to ten-week-old puppy is able to hold their urine for an hour or maybe less. Usually, as they grow, their bladders grow with them. Every month that a puppy grows, they can hold their urine for an hour more. So, a ten to twelve-week-old puppy will be able to hold for a maximum of two hours. When a Samoyed is older than three months, consider that they can hold for the time equivalent to their age (three hours at three months, etc.). At six months old, your Samoyed will be able to hold for at least six hours.


However, when they are sleeping, a puppy can hold their urine for longer. They can hold for at least three to four hours at night while they sleep. Vet specialists say that a puppy’s digestive system operates according to how many times you feed it. If you are feeding them three times a day, they will pee three times at night.



When potty training your Samoyed at night, remember that it will be difficult for the first few weeks. Do not lose patience when there are accidents inside a house because this will eventually happen. Make sure you thoroughly clean the areas as soon as possible to eliminate any odours. It will take your Samoyed at least four to six months to be fully house-trained. However, these tips may help you make these months a little less hectic and tiring.


Related Questions:

Should I let my Samoyed puppy sleep in my bed at night?

Letting your puppy sleep in your bed is a common practice. Samoyeds are very friendly dogs that always need company. If your puppy is new, then sleeping with them is very beneficial since they will have a sense of security and feel protected. However, many dog owners suggest not to share your bed with your Samoyed puppy until the puppy is potty-trained and crate trained. Otherwise, it might cause problems in the future like separation anxiety. It is recommended to start crate training them from the day you bring a Samoyed puppy home. You could let your puppy sleep with you several weeks after when you are confident it won’t make a problem.


How long can my Samoyed puppy sleep at night without peeing?

Most Samoyeds get fully potty trained by six months old. However, they may have accidents here and there till they are twelve months old. Housetraining requires patience and consistency. If you are consistent, then you can expect your Samoyed puppy to sleep without peeing at night by six months old. Do not be discouraged if they still have accidents after that. If you stick to the routine, your Samoyed will get potty trained in no time.