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Allyson Wond

What should a Samoyed eat?

samoyed eat
Finding the right food for Samoyeds is not hard. Their dietary needs are similar to other larger dog breed needs. If you are thinking of bringing a Samoyed pup home, here is a detailed guide on what you should feed…

Samoyed teething guide

samoyed teeth
How long does teething last? If you have a Samoyed puppy that is losing puppy teeth or teething, take the following steps as soon as possible: Let them chew if they are comfortable while doing so Monitor teeth loss Start…

When and Why Samoyed dogs shed a lot

samoyed shedding
A Guide On Dealing With Dogs That Shed You may have been thinking about buying a Samoyed dog since they look so majestic and fluffy. But at the same time, you may not be aware of Samoyed shedding patterns. Also,…