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Can a Samoyed be aggressive?

aggressive samoyed
An Insight to a Samoyed’s Temperament and Behavior The term “Happy’ is a well–suited trait for a Samoyed as the corners of its lips curl up to give the characteristic “Sammie Smile.” Known as one of the oldest breeds of…

Are Samoyeds a good family dog?

samoyed family
How to introduce a Samoyed to your family People love Samoyeds for their “Sammy smile”. That slight upturn at the corners of its mouth looks like a smile, and you easily fall in love with the Samoyed. Should I Get…

Help your Samoyed get along with cats

samoyed and cat
Can Samoyeds get along with cats? Samoyeds are considered one of the most friendly, gentle, and playful family dogs. Due to their pack orientation, they usually get along well with other pets. With practice and training, Samoyed dogs can adjust…