Samoyeds pee out of spite

Do Samoyed Dogs Pee Out of Spite?

Can Samoyed Dogs Pee Out of Spite?

No. Samoyed dogs do not pee out of spite. It is a common misconception that dogs pee out of revenge or anger. All dogs pee to mark their spot. They also pee if they have any health issues. But they will not pee out of spite.

Do you think that your Samoyed dog pees out of spite? Do you believe that your dog takes revenge for something you do? If so, you need to read this article.

Remember that your dog does not pee out of spite. There are many reasons why dogs pee at places where they shouldn’t. Marking their spot and health issues are possible reasons. But revenge is not on the list. Let’s find out more about this dog’s behavior and the reasons that force them to do so.

Do Dogs Pee out of spite?

It is indeed disgusting to step into a pool of dog pee inside your house or somewhere you do not expect it. Hence it is natural that you may feel bad. But, this does not mean Samoyeds pee for spite. They simply don’t. Samoyed dogs are intelligent creatures, but they do not act like humans.

Revenge is human behavior. It is wrong to relate dogs to this behavior. And punishing them for such actions is even more heinously. Understand this, and treat dogs with love, care, and respect. 

Why do Samoyed puppies pee out of their usual location?

It is common for puppies to pee wherever they are and whenever they need to. This is due to their lack of training. House training your Samoyed puppies can help them manage their behavior.

However, if your puppy has already been house trained and is still peeing in an inappropriate spot, you have reasons to worry. Your first step should be to check their health conditions. Many reasons like urinary tract issues, ageing (for older Samoyeds), and behavioral issues could be behind it. Make sure you get them examined properly.

Do dogs pee in the house out of spite?

Dogs do not pee in the house out of spite. It is a common false conception that dogs take revenge by peeing inside your home. People have shamed dogs based on this false notion. Note that there might be a list of health factors forcing dogs to pee inside your home. You should ensure that they are healthy instead of punishing them. 

Why do dogs pee inside the house?

Samoyeds pee inside your home due to multiple various reasons. The most common reason is a health-related one. Dogs with urinary tract problems, ageing signs, and other behavioral issues could pee inside a house.

Another reason for this is increased water consumption. If so, they may urinate in your house. Being unable to hold their urine anymore, they may pee where they are, inside the house.

Another reason why it happens is if your Samoyed puppy misses a walk. With daily practice, dogs can be trained to pee during their walk. So, if they are unable to go out someday, it may force them to pee inside your house. They don’t do it intentionally, but they have to pee according to their schedule.


Do Urinary Tract issues make Samoyeds pee anywhere?

If you notice your Samoyed peeing inside your home, in random unexpected places, you should be careful. Your dog might be facing a urinary tract infection. This leads to incorrect urination. Note that this is a common problem among all dogs.

Instead of blaming your Sammy for taking revenge, you should take it for a health examination. You should get them a thorough check-up and consult an expert veterinary doctor. Sometimes, you may have to get a sample of their urine to conduct an analysis.


Should I rub my dog’s nose in his pee?

You should never rub your Samoyed dog’s nose in their pee. It is unkind, inappropriate, and highly unhygienic. People have a habit of using this method as a reminder or a punishment for a dog’s bad behavior. They think that by doing this nasty job, they can train their puppies to get better. But they are wrong. Rubbing their nose in their pee is bad for their health.

Dog pee may have bacteria and other microbes. When you rub their nose or face against their pee, the microbes may enter their body again, and restart the worm life cycle again. This can cause multiple problems and illnesses. So, refrain from doing such acts and. Samoyeds are our family members, we should with them with respect.


How can I teach my dog to pee and poop properly?

The best way to teach your Samoyed dogs to pee and poop properly is to train them in force-free and rewarding ways. Dogs like to poop and pee on surfaces that are clean, smooth. They prefer erect objects like grass or poles. 

The second thing to remember is to be consistent in how you train them. This means you have to take them out to the same place multiple times for them to remember your intention. They will slowly learn to pee and poop in a particular spot.

Lastly, reward them once they pee or poop. You can either give them a small treat, let them off the leash for a while, or take them for a run. Doing this reminds them that this activity follows proper pooping and peeing. It will help dogs learn discipline. So, you will not have to rub their nose in their pee again.


Samoyed dogs are intelligent animals. But this does not mean they take revenge. In fact, they never do. Remove any false perception you may have in this regard. And, your Samoyed does not deserve horrible punishment methods like rubbing their face in their pee. Instead, train them in a kind and force-free manner. Also, reward them from time to time, and you will easily train your dog to pee and poop in an appropriate place.


Related Questions:

Are behavioral problems associated with dogs peeing in random places?

If you conducted a health check-up for your Samoyed dog and find that they are healthy, then the reason might be behavioral issues. Certain Samoyeds show marking behavior to establish their presence there. This is common in males. For some Samoyeds, this becomes a habit, even if they are potty trained. So, they may continue doing so even after.

Another chance of this behavior is excited or submissive behavior by your dog. It is common to see Samoyed dogs peeing if someone is scaring them. They pee if someone is very tall and it intimidates them. This is noticed in younger dogs, especially puppies. They may also pee out of anxiety or stress.

Does Aging cause Dogs to pee out of the spot?

Ageing brings many changes in Samoyed dogs’ bodies. One of these changes is senility or dementia. This issue makes dogs forget where they are. They may also forget their training and pee inside your house.

Further, older dogs face kidney failure. They may not be able to hold their urine and pee anywhere when they feel the need. The best idea is to get a thorough checkup done by your veterinarian. Dementia can be cured using proper medication. But kidney issues don’t have a permanent remedy. Some people use dog diapers when they keep Samoyeds inside their homes.

What action to take when your dog pees in unlikely places?

Make sure you consider all possibilities when your dog pees out of location. The first thing to do is obviously to conduct a health inspection. Take them to your veterinarian and do a thorough check-up. If nothing turns out bad, you should consider other possibilities.

See if your environment triggers anything that stresses out your dog. See if you have brought a new pet home. Also, dogs could behave differently if you have a new family member at home. Even a baby’s presence could impact your Samoyed’s behavior.