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At What Age Should Samoyed Dogs Be Potty Trained?

How to potty train your Samoyed

The earlier you begin toilet training, the easier it gets. The moment you bring your Samoyed puppy home is when you should start potty training them. However, the best time you can start potty training is when your Samoyed is seven to eight weeks old. At this age, they are not able to hold it when nature calls, but you can begin training at this point. Housebreaking is one of the difficult things you have to do but necessary at the same time. We bet you do not want to clean your dog’s excrement at home every day, right?


Samoyed puppy potty training

When you first get a Samoyed puppy, you may be overwhelmed by how much care they require. One of the most important training your puppy should undergo is potty training. You may have many questions when it comes to toilet training. The key thing to remember is to be patient and consistent. However, this may not be enough to get you through this time, so below are some things you should know before you start potty training your puppy.


Potty training your Samoyed might seem like a difficult task at first while it is not. All dogs can be potty trained if the right technique is applied. Potty training should begin the moment you bring the puppy home. The sooner you start, the easier it gets. Many first-time Samoyed owners worry that potty training is a difficult task. This is only true if you follow the wrong technique. Knowing these few tips and tricks will make potty training go much smoother and much faster.


Tips on potty training a Samoyed

There are many things you can do to make potty training better and quicker. However, you should keep in mind that this will take some time. Some Samoyeds need up to six months to be fully potty trained. You have to be patient and persistent with your training.


When you first get a Samoyed puppy, make sure that you have a designated area where they can answer a call of nature. Whether this spot is outdoor or on a balcony, make sure that it is exactly where you want it to be. Puppies tend to relieve themselves right after eating, sleeping and playing. It is your job to always keep an eye on them to know when they are going to pee. The moment they stop their activity means they are about to go. When you notice this, take them outside immediately. When a Samoyed is young, these puppies are not able to hold food and water for a long time. Accidents will occur, and they may sometimes be faster than you think. However, do not give up and keep trying.


After Samoyeds eat and drink, take them out and wait till they relieve themselves. Usually, dogs begin to sniff and go around in circles. This means they are about to go. After they have done their business outside, make sure you reward them with praise, so they will understand that this is the right thing to do.


Nighttime is the most challenging time for potty training. Once your Samoyed puppy begins to realize where they have to answer a call of nature, they will try their best to do so. This means that if they need to go in the middle of the night, they will wake you up to take them there. This is why you should try to keep their last feeding two to three hours before they go to sleep. Even drinking should be stopped two to three hours before they sleep unless it is a very hot night.

If you are crate training your Samoyed puppy, then it is best to take them out to pee before putting them in a crate. Always take them out immediately after they wake up. It will help you avoid any accidents in the crate. Crate trained puppies are much easier to handle housebreaking so it is suggested to always use a crate, especially for a Samoyed.


When they are outside, try to use certain phrases for your puppy to associate with relieving themselves. You can use phrases like “go potty” or something that you are comfortable with while they are going.


For the times they go to the toilet inside the house, you have to discipline them. But, remember to discipline them only when you catch them doing this. At a very young age, Samoyeds may not understand why you scold them. You could growl at them and say “No” in a deep voice to let them know that what they did was wrong. These accidents will occur from time to time so you should be prepared for that. The best way to deal with them is to not let your puppy pee inside the house. When you notice they start to squat, be strict and tell them ‘no’ and take them outside to finish. As your training progresses, you will notice the signs that your Sammy wants to go to the toilet. Be mindful of these signs and always pay attention to them.


Mistakes to avoid while potty training your Samoyed puppy

There are certain mistakes a puppy owner tends to make while potty training.

  1. Impractical expectations – The foremost thing to remember is that you are training a puppy. To them, there is no understanding of which is the right place to go to the toilet. Some Samoyed puppies take up to a year to be potty trained. Always be patient and do not expect them to get it right every single time.
  2.  Supervising – It is very important to keep watch over your Samoyed puppy while toilet training. That is the only way you will catch them if they are about to pee. You must keep an eye on them during the day, especially after eating and drinking water.
  3. Noticing the signs – Every puppy will always have a sign before they are about to go. Not noticing these signs is a mistake when you are housebreaking them. This comes with keeping watch on them. If you are closely watching them, odds are you will eventually start to notice these signs. The most common sign is when a puppy is waiting at the door. If you see your puppy doing this, it means they need to go out to pee.
  4. Hold times – Just like newborn babies, puppies also have a difficult time controlling their bladder. It may take months for the puppy to learn how to fully control themselves and get toilet trained. Try to take the puppy out 20 minutes to one hour after they eat.
  5. Praising them when they get it right – This is the best way to teach your puppy anything. If they are rewarded for doing the right thing, they will understand that and continue doing it. Puppy owners tend to forget this and only remember to discipline their puppy when they do wrong. 
  6. Potty phrases – This is also an important thing to remember while training Samoyeds. Always associate the act with certain phrases. This will help them understand what to do when you command them to do something.
  7. Punishment – Never punish your puppy for having accidents. As mentioned above, these puppies are still unsure about what they are doing. If they do have an accident in front of you, you can say ‘no’ to them and let them know that it is not right.


How to potty train your Samoyed puppy in an apartment

Here are some tips to help you potty train a Samoyed if you live in an apartment.

  •  Schedule. This is the most important thing to do when you have a puppy. If you have a schedule and stick to it, it will make your training much easier. It does not only apply to people living in apartments. Every puppy owner should always have a schedule for their dogs. If you take them out frequently especially after waking up, after eating, drinking and before going to bed, then your puppy will get into this habit.
  •  Using a pee pad. A pee pad is a very good idea for someone who lives in an apartment. If you are living on the higher floors and it takes time to go out, a pee pad can be very handy. If you notice your puppy is going to relieve itself in the apartment, you can simply pick them up and put them on the pad. 
  • Grass patch. The grass is the best place for your dog to go to the toilet. Getting a grass patch on your balcony or terrace is a very good option for an apartment. This is easy to clean and is a much more natural approach for potty training.
  • Litter box. A common notion in the pet world is that litter boxes are only for cats. This could not be more wrong. There are plenty of dog potty trays in the market and this may be one of the best options for apartment dwellers. When choosing your potty tray, make sure it has a dip on one side to make entry easier. While most companies suggest pellets or shredded paper for your tray, they are not the best option as your puppy may eat them. Lining a newspaper is the best option which you can just throw when dirty.


Potty training is crucial because letting your dog answer a call of nature inside is not only difficult to clean but also make your home an unhealthy place for your dog to grow. Once potty trained, your life with your Samoyed becomes much easier. While potty training your puppy, always keep in mind to be persistent and patient. There will be days when you get tired of cleaning up after them however, they will eventually learn.


Related questions:

Are Samoyeds easy to potty train?

Samoyeds are known as a very stubborn breed of dogs that is relatively difficult to train. However, it is possible to train them even if you do not have the experience. Organize the training process, follow the potty training schedule, keep praising your Sammy when they deserve it and you will get a perfectly housetrained dog. Follow the above-mentioned techniques and you will be good to go. Whichever way you choose does not really matter as long as your Samoyed is getting the training.

How to choose a potty tray for my Samoyed?

The first thing you need to consider when getting a potty tray is its size. As you know, Samoyeds can grow to quite a large size. Make sure that your tray will fit your Samoyed. Another aspect to think about is the material of a tray. The material should be easy to clean and should not retain any odor. Other things to keep in mind are the depth, the rim (so your puppy will not kick dirt out), the color, the type (whether open or closed, vented or not vented), etc. There are disposable trays also available in the market which you can just throw once full. However, these generate a lot of waste so it might not be the best option.