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Why Does My Samoyed Puppy Pee in the House After Peeing Outside?

The first few months when you get a Samoyed will probably be the most difficult ones. Potty training a Samoyed is not easy and there might be cases when your Samoyed accidentally pees inside a house even after a walk outside. While there are a few techniques used to train them not to pee inside a house, most of them will not tell you how to react when they do. Let’s see the reasons why your Sammy might pee in a house after peeing outside and how to deal with it.  


Samoyeds are very smart dogs. Once you have the patience to properly train them, they will grasp it in no time. However, there are certain situations when your Samoyed might pee inside a house. While a common reaction will be to panic and scold your Samoyed, it might not result in the best outcome. Read the below to find out some techniques you can try when your Samoyed pees in a house.

Why does my puppy pee in the house after peeing outside?

If you keep finding your Samoyed peeing inside a house, consult with a vet. It may be that your Samoyed has underlying health conditions that are causing irregular urination. Health conditions like diabetes, bladder infections, kidney stones, tumors could be the cause of your puppy’s irregular urination.

Anxiety could also be the reason your Samoyed is peeing inside a house. A vet will be able to diagnose these problems for you. If you have checked out all these possibilities and your Samoyed is still peeing inside a house, then an unsuccessful housetraining might the reason.

Marking their territory might be another common reason why your Samoyed dog is peeing inside a house. If your Samoyed is a male and you have not neutered him yet, then he may feel the need to keep urinating to mark his territory.

If your Samoyed dog does pee inside the house, it is better to clean it right away. Dogs can sense and smell their urine if it is not cleaned properly and the smell will make them urinate in this area again. While dog pee is difficult to clean, you can try using an enzymatic cleaner. Wet the area with some warm water then wipe it dry with a paper towel. Use the cleaner on the area as advised on the bottle.

A trick that people use is to keep some excrement in the area where they want their dogs to go pee. This will signal to your dog that this is the area where they should go. Leaving a gift for your Samoyed on the grass will make things easier for you and your dog.

If you find that your Samoyed dog keeps peeing in a house, then you should consult a behaviorist expert who will understand your dog better. Some dogs suffer from anxiety which is why they cannot control their bladder needs. A dog behaviorist will be able to treat and train your dog according to their needs.

What to do when I catch my Samoyed peeing inside the house?

When you are dealing with a Samoyed puppy that has not been house trained yet, you should always keep an eye on them. Whether they are in their crate or are loose around the house, it is always better to supervise them. It is only when you pay attention to them that you will be able to prevent them from having “accidents” inside the house.


You should be aware of the signs that your Samoyed needs to answer the call of nature. These include squatting, circling, sniffing, or standing with their tail straight out. If you notice one of these signs, then this is a clue to take them outside. If your dog has already started to pee inside, then grab their attention by clapping your hands and calling out to them. Take them outside immediately after this, either by carrying them or taking them on their leash. 


Make sure you take them to the designated area you want them to pee on. Wait with them outside till they have finished their business and make sure you praise and reward them after this. Remember that you may not always catch your Samoyed dog peeing in the house on time, which is why supervision is key during the initial stages.

Things that you should not do if you find your Samoyed peeing in the house

When house training your Samoyed, there is a certain way to react if you find your dog has peed in the house. Here are some tips and tricks to make things less smelly and much easier to handle when your dog does have such accidents.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that punishment does not solve the problem. Odds are that there has been some time between the actual accident and you discovering it. If you do yell and punish your Samoyed, they might not understand why it is happening and it will not stop them from doing it again. The best way to react is not to react. Clean up the mess and make sure that next time you catch them before they do it.
  2. Taking away your dog’s water bowl is also not a good way to stop them from peeing in the house. In case with the Samoyed, these dogs tend to overheat easily since they are Arctic dogs. Taking away their water bowl might cause them to dehydrate. It is okay to take away the water bowl an hour or two after they have eaten in the evening. But make sure you put it back in the morning.
  3. When taking your dog outside to do their business, do not interact with the dog. Basically, you should ignore them till they understand what they are supposed to do. Do not play with them even if they start getting excited. Samoyeds are easily distracted by things which is why if you play with them, they may forget that they have to pee.
  4. If your Samoyed is sleeping inside a crate, then get a crate that fits them but is not too large. Dogs do not like to excrete or pee in the area where they sleep. If the crate is too big, then your Samoyed will have ample space to pee without it affecting their sleep. Make sure that the crate is only big enough for your Samoyed to stand, lie down and turn around comfortably.


Finding out that your Samoyed has peed inside the house may frustrate you. That is a natural reaction since no one wants to clean up pee from their carpet. The recommendations above will help you avoid the stench and necessity to clean up after your dog. At the end of the day, almost all dog owners go through this situation. However, it will only last for a few months compared to the years of love that your dog will show you.

Related Questions:

  1. What should I do when my adult Samoyed is peeing inside the house?

    If your adult Samoyed is peeing inside the house after getting house-trained, then you should consult a vet. Your dog may have underlying health issues that are causing them to not be able to control its bladder. This is especially apparent in female dogs after they have been spayed or are much older due to low estrogen levels. Another reason for indoor peeing might be anxiety. Dogs tend to pee in the house if they are feeling anxious. This is especially true if there have been big changes in the house. New people or new habits may cause your dog to feel uncomfortable and make them irregularly pee inside the house.

  2. How to clean your dog’s pee from the carpet?
    A situation may occur that your Samoyed pees on your favorite carpet. Cleaning it may cost you quite a lot. This is why it is important to clean it as soon as you see it to make sure it does not stain. The first thing you should do is soak up as much of the liquid with a towel. Use an enzymatic cleaner to clean any stain from the carpet. You can also scrub the area with a scrub brush to remove the excess stain. After this, set a white cloth on top of the area and leave it overnight to soak up any excess liquid. Use a white cloth so that no color gets transferred to the carpet.