What kind of dog is big white and fluffy?

What Kind of Dog is Big White and Fluffy?

There are many fluffy dog breeds with varying hair colors. While there are many dogs that have thick long fur, there is a handful of them who are white. Have you ever seen a big, white, fluffy dog and wondered about its breed? Most likely, the big, white and fluffy dog that you saw was a Samoyed. The Samoyed is one of many arctic dogs with a thick fluffy white coat. These dogs range from medium to large size. They look like a big fluff ball. Is not it adorable? 


In this article, we will be listing out the top super fluffy dog breeds which are perfect cuddle buddies. This list will surely interest you and get you to know some fluffy dog breeds.

Big fluffy white dog breeds

While there is a number of dogs that are big, fluffy, and white, none can beat the Samoyed. Their dazzling smiles and cute, pointy ears will break your heart. These dogs are brilliant breeds especially for large families that can keep on entertaining them. Their fluffy fur makes them the best snuggle partner. Though their fur is a little tough to manage, it is all worth it. Your Samoyed will be your best friend if you let them. Samoyeds are friendly and always seem happy. Though they need a lot of care and attention, they are still very loving animals and probably the cutest fluffy dog.


There are also many other dogs with white thick fur. Some of them include the Shih Tzu which is one of the most popular breeds among smaller dogs. The Pomeranian and the Maltese are some smaller breeds of cute fluffy white dogs. There are also mix-breeds like the Pomsky which are a mix between the Pomeranian and the Husky. Though these dogs are not big, they are definitely super fluffy.


If you continue reading, you will come across many more big, white dog breeds that exist in the world. Some of these are extremely popular, like the Samoyed while some are still getting their popularity. Like the Samoyed, most Arctic breeds are popular due to their fluffy coat. There are many other dogs with similar characteristics that deserve our attention.

Medium-sized white fluffy dog breeds

According to dogsloverblog, here are the top five fluffiest and cutest medium-sized dogs with white fur. Though some of these dogs are not fully white, they are no doubt very furry dog breeds.

  1. Chow Chow– the ultimate favorite super fluffy dog breed, the Chow Chow is a breed that originated in China. These dogs, however, are very reserved and not very social. They may get aggressive from time to time and are a little difficult to manage in a household. Yet, that does not stop people from adoring these dogs for their adorable fluffy faces.
  2. Keeshond– these dogs are very fluffy and cute dog breed as well. They are great family dogs and are good with children. They are also easy to take care of which is especially important if you are a first-time dog owner.
  3. Finnish Lapphund – these dogs make wonderful companions as they are calm and friendly. They are also very easy to train which makes them a crowd favorite when it comes to fluffy dogs. They can also be found in brown and black but the white fur color is the most popular.
  4. American Eskimo – these are adorable fluffy dogs that are highly energetic. They are also arctic dogs as the Samoyed and thrive in cold temperatures. They are very fluffy puppies but are even cuter when they grow up.
  5. Bearded Coolie– these are intelligent watchdogs that are not that popular. They have long hair that covers their face sort of like a beard. They are usually white with a blackish back. 

List of cute fluffy white dogs

Certain people have a particular preference for fluffy white dogs. It is probably to their regal appearance. And even though a rainy day maybe your worst nightmare, these fluffy dogs are adorable. Here is a special list of the cutest fluffy white dogs. There are also pictures of white fluffy dogs to sweeten your eyes.

  • Samoyed – we cannot have such a list without including the Samoyed. These medium to large dogs are very popular for their winning smile which has earned them the name “Smiling Sammy”. This very furry dog breed has a personality that makes everyone fall in love with them. They are also great dogs for someone who loves to do activities. These dogs are an amazing breed. They are sweet, calm, and friendly but are very energetic and need owners who can mirror their energy. Samoyed requires a lot of grooming care but if they are properly taken care of, they make for the cutest dogs. Samoyeds are even cuter in their puppyhood. These fluffy puppies are very popular all around the world.
  • Afghan Hound – these dogs are the prettiest dogs you have ever seen. Also used as show dogs, these dogs carry themselves with so much grace and poise that you will not help but fall in love with them.
  • The Great Pyrenees – these dogs with white, thick fur have a history of working dogs. Their sad eyes make you want to cuddle them. They are now welcomed in many homes that can handle their pretty large size. 
  • Bergamasco – also known as the mop dog, this dog is very popular for its peculiar hair. Resembling dreadlocks, these dogs have a sort of natural matting that cannot be untwined. Once properly groomed, these dogs will capture your heart.
  • Newfoundland Dog – these dogs are considered giants. They are huge dogs with extremely thick and fluffy hair. They are quite popular and are very loyal and gentle dogs.
  • Old English sheepdog – these dogs are also adorable and fluffy. They are gentle, friendly, and loyal, but they require an experienced owner due to their high maintenance.
  • Poodle – We could not have a list of fluffy dogs without mentioning the Poodle. These dogs are majestic and smart which is why they are great show dogs.
  • The White American Shepherd – these dogs are related cousins of German Shepherds differing only in their color. They look the same but are furry white dogs.
  • Kuvasz – these are very majestic Hungarian dog breeds. Their coat is either wavy or straight. They are also a type of white fluffy dog with medium long hair.


In the modern world, there are so many pure and mixed dog breeds. More and more new dog breeds appear every year. It became so easy to find a dog breed that would match your preferences. 


While all the dogs on our list have one thing in common – their white fluffy coat, they all have different personalities and require different care. It is up to the owner to see which dog breed suits their personality the best. White fluffy dogs are always a crowd favorite, but maintaining their white fluffiness might be challenging sometimes. With all this said, hope this article clears the doubts you have regarding white fluffy dog breeds.


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