samoyed poodle mix

Is the Samoyed Poodle Mix Different from a Samoyed and a Poodle?

Samoyed Poodle Mix

Samoyed Poodle mix as the name suggests is a combination of Samoyed and Poodle dog breed. It is also called Sammypoo. The Sammypoo breed has some features inherited from their parents, they are non-allergic and shed less like their parent Poodle. They are as fun-loving and active as their parent Samoyed. They are loyal and affectionate dogs with a medium height and average weight of 55 pounds (25 kg). The Sammypoo is a crossbreed, thus, it is not a part of the American Kennel Club (AKC) unlike their parents Samoyed and Poodle.

Characteristics and Traits

Sammypoo has features as per the genes of both of its parents. Some features are similar to the Samoyed whereas others are similar to the Poodle. They are gaining popularity due to their various extraordinary features such as:

  1. They are hypoallergenic which means they are unlikely to cause any allergic reactions.
  2. Their coat can have various colors such as black, gray, brown, tan, chocolate, cream, and white.
  3. They are easy to train.
  4. They shed less because of the genes of their parent Poodle.
  5. Samoyed Poodle mix is highly intelligent and smart.
  6. They are friendly and fun-loving towards kids, but they might bark at strangers. 
Life expectancy 

The life expectancy of a Samoyed Poodle mix is the same as its parents which is 12-14 years. These dogs are usually healthy, you can expect their age to be more than 14 years but that requires special care such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, etc. 

History of the Samoyed Poodle mix

There is not a lot of history for the crossbreeds such as Samoyed Poodle mix. Samoyed Poodle mix first appeared 30 years ago. This was the time when people were experimenting with crossbreeds to get the desired genetics and traits.  

Difference between the Sammypoo and the Samoyed dog breed

Sammypoo is a crossbreed of Samoyed and Poodle whereas Samoyed is a purebred.

They can be of various colors such as black, gray, white, tan, etc. whereas Samoyed is of limited colors – white, cream or biscuit color. 

They shed less comparing to Samoyeds. Sammypoo is also not a stubborn dog unlike its parent Samoyed which makes them easier to train.

Character of the Samoyed Poodle mix

Samoyed poodle mix has a variety of genetics as they are a combination of the Samoyed and the Poodle, so it is important to know about the personalities of both these breeds. They are very cheerful and enjoyable breeds, but they still need supervision near children and cannot be left alone. Some of them may be stubborn and have a habit of chewing things but keeping them busy all the time would break this habit.  samoyed poodle mix

They are not good guard dogs, but they bark a lot when they see strangers which alerts you in certain situations. It is important to socialize them from a young age otherwise they might become stubborn. They are curious, playful and very active as their parent breeds.

Appearance of the Samoyed Poodle mix

Sammypoo has magnificent amber/brown eyes and a brown/black nose. They have a pointed muzzle and a curly medium-length coat which is soft and furry along with furry triangular ears. Some Sammypoo breeds have a straight tail whereas some have a tail around their back as Samoyeds.

Height and Weight 

The male Sammypoo height is around 18 inches (47 cm) to 21 inches (52cm). The female Sammypoo has a shorter height – around 16 inches (42 cm) to 18 inches (47 cm). The male Sammypoo weighs around 40 pounds (18 kg) to 60 pounds (27kg) and female Sammypoo weighs around 30 pounds (14 kg) to 50 pounds (23 kg).


Both Samoyed and Poodle breeds are extremely popular. The Poodle has a variety of different colors, the Sammypoo breed is mostly white. You can typically predict the color of your mixed breed based on the color of its parents but sometimes you can get inconsistent coat color.

Is the Sammypoo a high-maintenance dog?

The maintenance of every Sammypoo is special in its own way. For Sammypoo the maintenance requires:


Sammypoo needs regular maintenance of their coat so brushing their hair at least 3-4 times a week helps in removing dead hair and tangles. You can also brush their hair every day with light hands. Groom them every 6-7 weeks as per their coat condition and this grooming can be done either by a professional or you can do it on your own. Bath them at least once in every three weeks or as needed. Clean their ears while bathing because the build-up of bacteria can lead to infection. Cut their nails once a month and clean their teeth 2-3 times per week. 

Activity requirements 

Samoyed Poodle mix is a breed of highly active parents so it is important to make them physically and mentally active as boredom can lead to destructive behavior. It is important for these dogs to have activities as a part of their day because staying inside the apartment for a long time is not an ideal environment for the Sammypoo. Allocating at least one hour every day to exercise is essential for keeping Sammypoo healthy. Exercise and activities could include agility courses, running, swimming, playing Frisbee, etc.


It is important to train the Sammypoo breed. They are intelligent and easy to train but there still might be days when they are stubborn. It is important to make the training engaging as that would only make them fun-loving and friendly towards others. If you are doing it for the first time, it would be better to hire a professional rather than doing it all by yourself. 

During the training process, reward them with treats as this would lead to their positive attitude towards training. They might have a bad habit of chewing things so you should train them accordingly. 

Regular checkup 

Samoyed Poodle mix might face some major and minor health problems such as canine hip dysplasia, heart disease, and allergies. They require regular checkups as that would decrease the chances of them, getting a major or minor health problem.

Samoyed Poodle Mix Price

Sammypoo might cost around $600 to $3000 depending on the demand and the parent’s genes. They can be quite expensive sometimes. The price also varies according to their size, color, breeder, appearance, etc. Female Sammypoo usually costs more than a male Sammypoo.


The mixed breed of Samoyed and Poodle is a brilliant and clever dog. They are getting popularity due to their unique and wonderful features such as loyalty, less shedding, hypoallergenic coat, etc. It is a suitable pet for a family with kids as it requires constant human interaction. They are not aggressive but might get difficult to supervise and this can be due to boredom. Proper training is required for them, and they need to be supervised whenever required.  

Related questions:

Does the Sammypoo breed shed?

Yes, they shed due to their parent genes – the Samoyed has intense shedding. Although the Sammypoo breed sheds hair, the volume of lost hair is way smaller than the Samoyed. Like any other dog, they shed hair during grooming or it might fall out naturally. 

What special care does the Sammypoo require?

The Samoyed Poodle mix does not require any special care but it does require regular grooming, brushing their hair, bathing and cleaning. Also, it is important to have regular activities and training to keep them engaged in things, which will reduce their disturbing behavior. They might need supervision near children and strangers.