Samoyed German Shepherd Mix

Samoyed German Shepherd Mix Characteristics

A Samoyed and a German Shepherd are two very prominent and popular dog breeds. They are both great dogs and their mix is a medium to large fluffy dog. While a mix of the Samoyed and the German Shepherd may inherit more of the Samoyed’s fur and appearance, they will definitely get the Shepherd’s temperament and personality. The combination of the Samoyed and German Shepherd makes a great mix and is perfect for people who want a good family dog.

About the Samoyed and German Shepherd mix

This mixed breed of dogs is actually a quite rare one. While there are more popular Samoyeds mixes out there like the Samusky and the Sammypoo, the Samoyed-German Shepherd mix is also a great combination. These dogs are usually quite fluffy and are mostly white. Their fur sheds quite a lot like the Samoyed. The Samoyed German Shepherd cross-breed personality might differ from dog to dog but they are usually easy to train and very loyal dogs. These dogs need quite a lot of exercise since both their parents are quite active, muscular dog breeds. The Samoyed was bred as a sled dog and the German Shepherd was bred to be a chasing dog for foraging. Both breeds require a lot of exercises, so keep that in mind before you decide to get this cross-breed.

Samoyed German Shepherd mix characteristics

While every dog has a different personality, some characteristics are common for the Samoyed – German Shepherd cross-breed. Both parents are highly intelligent so you should expect a mixed Samoyed German Shepherd puppy to be smart and intelligent as well.


Since the Samoyed and German Shepherd are both quite large dogs, it is true to state that their cross-breed will also be a quite large dog. The height of a full-grown Samoyed German Shepherd mix will be around 24 inches (60 cm) tall. The weight will be around 45 to 88 pounds (20-40 kg).

Life expectancy

Cross-breed dogs are known to live longer than their parents, the life expectancy of the Samoyed- German Shepherd mix is around thirteen years and even more.

Fur Coat

The coat of the Samoyed – German Shepherd mix has medium-length hair just like both parents. Their coat color depends entirely on which parent’s genes prevail. However, most often Samoyed – German Shepherd mix coat has a white color. Most Samoyed – German Shepherd mixes have very fluffy white fur with black and brown shade.

The Samoyed – German Shepherd mix personality

While the personality of any dog depends on many factors, you can expect some traits from their parent’s personality. Usually, German Shepherds are very protective and loyal dogs. The Samoyed-Shepherd mix will also be a protective and loyal dog. But at the same time, they will most likely inherit the Samoyed’s social traits and be quite playful and active as well. You should expect Samoyed-Shepherd cross-breed to be a very active and energetic dog that needs a lot of exercise. Both parents are very high energy dogs and their mixed puppies will also be equally active. Samoyed-Shepherd mix puppies inherit the Samoyed’s social nature and will not be able to stay alone. These puppies need company and are a great option if you want a family dog. Keep these points in mind before you get this cross-breed otherwise both you and the dog might suffer.

Cost of the Samoyed – German Shepherd mix

The cost of these dogs depends on a number of factors like the pedigree of the parents, the availability of puppies, breeder location etc. It will cost you quite a lot to get hold of this mixed breed since it is quite rare. The cost may range from $500 to $2000 depending on all the factors.

How does the Samoyed-German Shepherd mix breed differ from the Samoyed?

There might be many traits that make the Samoyed and the Samoyed-German shepherd mix different from each other. Here are a few obvious ones that stand out the most.


The first character that will be prominently different is the guarding instincts. The Samoyed – German Shepherd mix has extremely strong guarding instincts. These dogs are very agile and lively. They will most probably be aggressive against people they do not know or might sense danger from. This character is very different from the Samoyed since these dogs were not bred for guarding the human but for companionship. Samoyeds are not good guard dogs but the Samoyed-German Shepherd mix has the potential to be very good watchdogs especially if trained properly.


Another trait that differs the Samoyed-German Shepherd mix and the Samoyed is the ability to socialize and befriend. Samoyeds are very playful and jolly dogs, and they socialize and make friends very easily. The mix of the Samoyed and German Shepherd may not inherit these traits. Instead, they may get the German Shepherd’s trait of being a little anti-social. The cross-breeds may find it difficult to make friends with other dogs and may be a little lonely on that front.


Next characteristic that differs the Samoyed- German Shepherd cross-breed from the Samoyed is their attention span. The Samoyed is a dog that gets easily distracted. The Samoyed- German Shepherd mix, however, will be more focused and, as a result, easier to train. While both the Samoyed and the German Shepherd are intelligent dogs, the Samoyed is known to be a pretty stubborn dog and a little difficult to train. The cross-breed inherits the Shepherd’s ability to focus and to quickly respond to commands.


When talking about the physical appearance and traits, however, there will be different results with every breeding that occurs. While some Samoyed – German Shepherd cross-breeds resemble the Samoyed more, some may be totally different from the Samoyed. If the mix takes on more fur color from the Shepherd, expect the dog to look like a fluffy German Shepherd.

Special care requirements

The first care requirement for these dogs is their daily exercise needs. Since this cross-breed comes from very active parents, they will need a lot of exercises to be healthy. Daily walks and playtimes are necessary to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Taking them outdoor at least once a week is important since these dogs need to play out in the open.


Another special care that you need to know is grooming. The Samoyed- German Shepherd mix sheds profusely. You will need a lot of time to brush and groom them regularly to keep the shedding to a minimum. They will also require a bath more frequently to keep their fur and skin healthy.


Since the size of these dogs is similar to both parents, they will require just as much nutrition. The Samoyed- German Shepherd cross-breed is known for having joint issues so keep that in mind when you think about nutrition and nutrients. Check out complete nutrition guidance here.

Regular training is also something that is crucial for these dogs. If you want the dogs to be able to understand and perform commands then you should have a training schedule and program from when they are young. Training is essential for controlling the dog’s behavior and temperament.


While Samoyed- German Shepherd mix breed is quite uncommon, it does not mean these dogs are difficult to take care of. Having a rare cross-breed dog is a great thing, and they will be full of surprises. The loving nature of these dogs will be perfect for those people who need love, attention and just a good buddy nearby. Knowing the personality and temperament of both parents, you should expect to have a loving and obedient dog.


Related Questions:

Is the Samoyed- German Shepherd cross-breed a right dog for me?

If you are looking for a dog that is active, obedient, intelligent, loyal, loving and fluffy, then the Samoyed and German Shepherd mix will be perfect for you. If you want a companion for morning runs or weekend hiking, this dog would be a great choice. Since this dog requires a lot of physical activities, you will have a lot of fun together. The Samoyed and German Shepherd mix enjoys being outside. If that is something that you feel is right for you then you can go ahead and get this dog. They will also need a lot of training after which they will be the perfect family and guard dog.


Is the Samoyed – German Shepherd mix breed a good apartment dog?

Both the Samoyeds and German Shepherds are known to be quite difficult to live with in an apartment. These dogs need space to be able to grow into healthy, beautiful dogs. Unless you have access to a large dog park then the dog will show a lot of signs of restlessness in the apartment. Your energy level should match the dog’s level. If you do want to get this dog for an apartment, you will need to get ready to spend the time outdoor to make them play and release their energy. These dogs will require at least two hours of active playtime every day.