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Samusky: Samoyed and Husky Mix Facts & Temperament

What is a Samusky?

People usually get confused while searching for a Husky or a Samoyed dog due to their similar appearance. Their similarities extend further with both the Husky and the Samoyed dog originating from the northwestern region of Russia and used by explorers to pull their loaded sleds, hunt & herd in extremely cold, snowy conditions. The Samoyed dog is not a Husky but two different types of dogs with some similarities belonging to the Spitz breed of Siberia.

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Samusky is a cross between the Samoyed dog & the Siberian Husky, a mixed breed dog more or less resembling an arctic fox. The Samusky mix-breed dog is very intelligent, loyal, and has all the qualities of their parents. Other than Samusky, they are also known by other names like Samusky or simply as Samoyed Husky mix or Samoyed x Husky.



Samoyed vs Husky Difference:

If you look for differences between the Samoyed dog and the Siberian husky, you might find a few only but many similarities starting with the fact that both hail from very cold regions of the earth. Both breeds are of the same size and with thick fur coats. However, the Samoyed dogs are heavier compared to the Husky. The Samoyed has a dense coat of biscuit white cream hair, which requires regular grooming. In contrast, the Siberian husky has a fluffy coat with agouti white grey sable red-black hair, requiring moderate grooming.


The Husky has blue or different colored amazing almond-shaped eyes, which make them look contrasting, unlike the Samoyed with black or dark brown almond-shaped eyes. Otherwise, both their faces have similar foxy looks along with the same erect ears.

The Samoyed & the Husky temperaments vary a bit as the Samoyed’s are more eager to please breed and are easy to train. While the Husky, even with a similar personality, sometimes could be stubborn or arrogant in obeying things not liked by him.


The Samoyed dogs are more family-oriented and would get irritated and tend to bark if left unattended, therefore requires regular human attention, unlike the Husky.

Both the Samoyed & the Husky are obedient, loyal & well-behaved dogs and very easy to train at an early age. Both dog breeds have almost the same life span from 10 to 12 years, except that the Husky can live two years longer.


Facts about Samusky

Samusky is a crossbreed or hybrid dog and not pure breed like its parents, the Samoyed or the Siberian husky. Breeders designed this mix of purebred dogs in the late 1990s in combining the loyal and tolerant approach of the husky with the socializing nature of the Samoyed. samuskyThe average price to pay for the Samusky breed is around $650. However, the cost may differ between $350 to $1200, depending on their parental genetics. 


The Samoyed-Husky mix size: How Big Do Samuskies Get When Fully Grown?

Being a hybrid, the Samusky has a thick coat of colorful hair of both parents ranging from white, cream to red to sable and agouti. The Samusky mix size is of a medium or large-sized dog like its parents ranging in height between 20 to 24 inches to the shoulder & weight averaging around 45 to 60 pounds. However, since the Samusky is a relatively new breed, the standard size is still unknown. Therefore, categorizing the mix breed either as small or large or average in size compared to its parents is quite tricky.


Samusky temperament:

The Samusky personality can be described as a loyal, affectionate & easy-going friendly mix breed dog. They require healthy, energized activities to keep them entertained. Samusky is more of a family dog, unlike its parents, who were hunters. The Samusky is the completely amazing family dog who is affectionate and loyal to its owner or the whole family.


Samusky healthcare:

The Samusky mix breed has mostly the typical health conditions & ailments of its parents, but generally healthy. Although routine check-ups are recommended since they are a relatively new breed. It might suffer from health problems like hip dysplasia, diabetes, hyperthyroidism & possible eye defects if not taken care of regularly.



Samusky – Shedding and Hypoallergenic traits:

The Samusky is a medium to large hypoallergenic dogs similar to the Samoyed and shed their inner coat heavily twice a year. Like the Samoyed, this Husky crossbreed causes negligible allergy problems to its owners. Therefore, precaution would not hurt, especially when Samusky sheds its coat. Ensure a clean floor or dust-free surroundings with regular cleaning even though the Samusky coat has lesser dander levels, which causes allergy symptoms.


Samusky – Appearance: What Does a Samoyed Husky Mix Look Like?

Similar to its parents, the Samusky has a trademark triangular-shaped, erect, and upright ears. Its eye color could be either blue, or brown, or a mix of both, depending on which parent-gene it imitates. The nose of the Samusky is sharp & quite prominent, often called as a black button nose. The Samusky’s tail, generally straight but slightly curved towards the end, is fluffy and long, quite similar to its parents.

A Samusky has considerably good character. Samusky is enthusiastic about outdoor activities and loves roaming around in the open. Samusky is born with great hunting instincts, similar to its parents. Therefore proper upbringing & training is necessary for it to adapt to human and animal surroundings.


Food diet for a Samusky:

The Samusky mix breed needs food for large-sized dog breeds in moderation as per its daily diet; otherwise, it tends to put on weight quickly. The Samusky breed requires a well-balanced, nutritious diet, preferably dry or wet dog food, commercially available. Feed your Sammy with dry food or wet canned food like raw fish, chicken/turkey/pork, vegetables. Samusky also likes dog biscuits and fresh raw meat. Stick to the same feeding times every day to develop Samusky feeding schedule.


Avoid feeding the Samusky with dairy products. Even if fed, give it in moderation as large quantities may result in digestive problems. Also, avoid feeding them with grapes, prunes, cherries, citrus fruits. Check with your Vet for more information.


Samusky breed details:

In short, the Samusky, the mixed breed, is quite a rare beautiful dog, sharing similar characteristics of either its parents. This easy-going, loyal & friendly cross breed sheds a lot of hair at least twice a year while requiring regular exercise and physical activities daily.

Samusky, like any other dog, requires the owner’s love. They don’t need too much attention from their owner’s but certainly enjoy it. They are very good at keeping themselves entertained. However, it would be good not to leave them unattended for too long.



Related questions

Is the Samusky a family dog?

The main thing to note about the Samusky is that they require a lot of space to move around. A very lovable dog for the entire family with its social, outgoing nature, happy to snuggle with you on the bed.

The Samusky dogs are the ideal family dogs that are easy-going & friendly with the family and small kids. The Samusky requires a bit of grooming since it sheds hair twice a year and also tends to drool, especially in the summer. Proper diet to avoid weight gain & regular health check-ups with the vet are required every year. They are intelligent and easy to train family dogs with high energy levels.


Is Samusky good with kids?

The Samusky is a very easy-going and calm dog that mingles easily with kids if properly trained. However, it’s crucial to inform your guests, especially children, how to handle and approach your Samusky properly. The Samusky’s are otherwise excellent active companions & friends for everyone. Kids would enjoy playing with Samusky outdoor as these dogs love activities.

Similarly, Samusky gets along very well with other trained pets if introduced slowly and gradually. It would be best if you teach Samusky to socialize from an early age.



What is the cutest Samoyed mix?

There are plenty of Samoyed mix-breeds all over the world, especially in North America. Some of the most popular mix-breeds are the Samoyed x German shepherd mix, the Samoyed x Husky mix, the Samoyed x Malamute mix, and the Samoyed x Golden retriever.

Among these, without a doubt, the Samoyed x Husky mix is the cutest for its size, fluffy coat and irresistibly cute face.