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Allyson Wond

Are Samoyeds Hypoallergenic?

hypoallergenic dog
Everything You Need to Know About Samoyeds and Allergies When people say ‘allergy-friendly dogs’, the thought of Schnauzers and Poodles springs to mind. But they are just two among a whole host of hypoallergenic dog breeds. One of the hypoallergenic…

How Often You Should Groom a Samoyed

samoyed bathing
Samoyed Grooming Tips If you see pictures with Samoyeds, the first thing you notice is their thick white fur. Grooming your Samoyed is one of the essential aspects you need to consider before getting a Samoyed. Their thick fur usually…

Samoyeds and Their Sleeping Habits

sleeping sammy
Where do Samoyeds like to sleep? Most owners have said that their Samoyed does not usually enjoy sleeping on a dog bed. It is very subjective and varies among different dogs with different sleeping habits. These dogs feel tired more…

Can a Samoyed be aggressive?

aggressive samoyed
An Insight to a Samoyed’s Temperament and Behavior The term “Happy’ is a well–suited trait for a Samoyed as the corners of its lips curl up to give the characteristic “Sammie Smile.” Known as one of the oldest breeds of…

Samoyed Fur Blankets and Clothes

samoyed fur cloth
Samoyeds fur clothes Did you know that you could use the fur from your beloved Samoyed to make your next sweater? Samoyed fur consistently ranks on the top ten lists of anyone who spins dog hair into yarn. Also known…

How to Trim Samoyed Overgrown Nails Safely?

samoyed overgrown nail
Trimming Samoyed overgrown nails safely Samoyeds are one of the most intelligent and gentle dog breeds. Samoyeds must be groomed regularly, especially during the summer. One of the biggest tasks in grooming dogs is maintaining their nails paw perfect!  …