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Samoyeds and Their Sleeping Habits

Where do Samoyeds like to sleep?

Most owners have said that their Samoyed does not usually enjoy sleeping on a dog bed. It is very subjective and varies among different dogs with different sleeping habits. These dogs feel tired more quickly than others since they use up lots of their energy. They would plop down on the floor after having some playtime. Many Samoyed owners have reported that their Samoyeds usually like to sleep on something cold and hard like tiled or hardwood floors. It is probably a way for them to cool down. However, they enjoy being next to their owners while they sleep. Samoyeds may sleep on the floor next to their owners or under an AC or a window.

How many hours do Samoyeds sleep?

Samoyeds are very active and energetic dogs. They usually sleep around 10 – 14 hours a day, especially after having a good workout and exercise session. These dogs do not usually nap because of their excessive energy, but napping for around 4-6 hours a day is normal.

Samoyeds can be a little lazy. It is important to stimulate them mentally as well as physically. If your Samoyed is getting enough exercise, then sleeping 12 hours a day or more is considered a healthy amount. As Samoyeds grow older, though, they sleep more, which is typical for dogs of any breed.

Samoyed sleeping habits

Samoyeds are like humans; they need good sleep to be healthy and active. Since dogs have more heightened senses than humans, they get easily distracted by noise. It is important to keep that in mind as dogs need good rest as well. Try to minimize the amount of noise around the house while your Samoyed is sleeping. Like humans, if Samoyeds do not get proper sleep, they become restless throughout the day, which may lead to destructive behavior.

Some common positions that Samoyeds sleep in

If you browse the internet, you will find many pictures of Samoyeds sleeping in very odd positions. Some owners have said that their Samoyed would intentionally leave their dog bed to sleep in the corner of a room. It may be a way for the Samoyeds to cool down. Since they have such a thick coat, they get hot very easily. Some Samoyeds might be even be found sitting in the shower on a hot, sunny day.

sleeping sammyOne of the most common position you might find your Samoyed sleeping in is the “Superman” position. Their limbs will be sprawled out on the floor and their bodies lying straight and flat on the floor. Scientists say that dogs sleep in this position to make it easier to get up and continue their activity. It might be true for Samoyeds, especially after playtime. They may still be excited to play but are tired, which forces them to lie down for a while. They might drop down on any cool surface in this position and get back up after some time to continue their playtime.

Another common Samoyed sleeping position is with their back on the floor and their limbs towards the ceiling. It is a very common sleeping position, especially on hot days or after vigorous exercise.sleeping position It is the best position for a Samoyed to cool down since their stomach has the least amount of fur. After playing, the dog’s paws may also get sweaty, that is why they asleep with the paw exposed. It is another comfortable position for them on a hot day if they need to cool down.

It needs to be noted that your Samoyed only sleeps in this position if it trusts you. Like dogs of other breeds, exposing their tummy is a sign of vulnerability. They will only do so if they fully trust you. If your Samoyed is sleeping in this position and their paws are against their chest, it is a sign it does not want to be disturbed. Samoyeds sleep this way if they are exhausted and want some time alone.

Another frequent position that Samoyeds sleep in is the “Curly Sue”. In this position, the Samoyed is tightly coiled up in a C shape or a ball.samoyed sleepThey usually sleep this way when they are cold and want to preserve heat. They also like to snuggle this way when they live in a pack. The dog may sleep in this position if it is apprehensive and uncomfortable with the environment.

Do Samoyeds sleep a lot?

When compared to dogs of other breeds, Samoyeds do not sleep as much. They sleep on average, 10-14 hours per day. Since these dogs are very energetic, they have plenty of energy to expel, which is why they do not sleep as much. Samoyed puppies are especially active. They are always ready to play. They may take naps in the day time if they feel tired. As the dog grows older, they will spend more time sleeping as they need more rest.

How much should Samoyed puppies sleep?

Depending on the age of your puppy, their sleeping habits differ. Newborn puppies sleep 90% of the time. It is likely to continue until they are around 3-4 weeks old. As the puppy grows older, they will sleep less and become more energetic and playful. A puppy of 2-3 months needs, on average, 15-18 hours of sleep per day. Along with this, they may also nap for 3-4 hours in a day.

First night with a Samoyed puppy

The first few nights with a new puppy may be stressful for both the owner and the puppy. Both have to adjust to the new environment. The puppy may be a little tense the first night, but try your best to make sure it feels comfortable. The best way to make sure your puppy sleeps well is by making sure it gets some form of exercise. A 15-minute walk right before bedtime will make sure your Samoyed puppy is tired enough to fall asleep.

Like their human counterpart, Samoyed puppy keeps waking up in the middle of the night. Be prepared to take the puppy out for bathroom breaks throughout the night. This habit eventually disappears with time, and Samoyed puppy learns to sleep throughout the night.

Where should a Samoyed puppy sleep?

Crate training is not something you should start from the very first night. The puppy may start crying and howling for the first hour or so in the crate. If you decided to start crate training your puppy, make sure you make the crate inviting by lining it with a blanket and a few toys. Also, make the room light dim and preferably keep the crate in the bedroom so you can be close to the puppy.

Can Samoyeds sleep outside?

Since Samoyeds enjoy the cold temperatures more than heat, they may occasionally go outside to sleep if the inside temperature is too warm. However, Samoyeds are very social animals and need companionship, especially from their owners. Letting your Samoyed sleep outside is not a very good decision. These dogs want to near their owners. Some Samoyed owners have said that even sleeping in a crate in a different room gives the dog separation anxiety. The best choice is to crate train your Samoyed and let them sleep inside.

Related questions:

1. Do Samoyeds need a dog bed to sleep?

Most Samoyed dogs do not enjoy sleeping on a dog bed or a bed of any kind. It is probably because dog beds make them warmer than it is comfortable. It is usual for a Samoyed to lie on the floor as this is the most convenient way to regulate their temperature. In fact, Samoyeds prefer a cold hardwood floor over a bed or a pillow. If you want to invest in a dog bed for your Samoyed, the Karunda bed is a good choice. This dog bed is very sturdy and very easy to clean, something you have to remember with Samoyeds. Leave it up to your Samoyed to decide whether they want to use it or not.


2. How to make the first night with a Samoyed puppy easier?

The truth about a new puppy is that the first night will be stressful for both you and the puppy. But the best way to deal with the rough night is to make the puppy feel as comfortable as they can. Keep the crate near you when you sleep and be prepared to have to wake up multiple times to take the puppy out for bathroom breaks or calm it down when it is whining. Try getting Samoyed puppy a toy that it can snuggle while it sleeps.

Be prepared that the first few months will be quite challenging to adjust, but establishing a routine will be best. Samoyeds are stubborn dogs and will bark for your attention, but you have to be strong-willed enough to take a stand.