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Allyson Wond

Excitement Peeing in Samoyed Puppies

excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies
Often an overexcited Samoyed puppy releases a few drops of urine. If they are frightened, this behavior is also normal. This usually happens involuntarily when a puppy loses control of the muscles close to the urinary bladder. This happens as…

How to Stop a Samoyed from Pulling?

samoyed pulling on leash
What to do if your Samoyed pulls on a leash? Many people have a foul experience when walking their Samoyeds. Samoyeds require a lot of exercises, so walking them is something owners should do daily. This becomes difficult if you…

Why Crate Training a Samoyed Is Bad?

why crate training a samoyed is bad
Why Crate Training Is Bad? Dog-owners have different opinions about crate training. The practice is easily abused and over-relied upon as a substitute for actual training and disciplining. While a crate may be intended to be a safe place for…