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Allyson Wond

How to Stop a Samoyed from Pulling?

samoyed pulling on leash
What to do if your Samoyed pulls on a leash? Many people have a foul experience when walking their Samoyeds. Samoyeds require a lot of exercises, so walking them is something owners should do daily. This becomes difficult if you…

Why Do Samoyeds Have a Sensitive Stomach?

samoyed with sensitive stomach
Why Is My Samoyed a Picky Eater? The main reason for a Samoyed being a picky eater is their sensitive stomach. Let’s discuss the most common health conditions a Sammy faces, why Samoyeds are picky eaters and what food to…

Can You Feed Samoyed Puppies Homemade Food?

samoyed puppy homemade food
Worried about what’s in your Samoyed’s food? Even though it’s homemade, you might not be consciously putting everything your dog needs in it.  Samoyed dogs are known for their fluffy white coat, but the breed is distinctive due to its…

Why Crate Training a Samoyed Is Bad?

why crate training a samoyed is bad
Why Crate Training Is Bad? Dog-owners have different opinions about crate training. The practice is easily abused and over-relied upon as a substitute for actual training and disciplining. While a crate may be intended to be a safe place for…

What Are the Best Samoyed Mixes?

samoyed crossbreed
The Samoyed breed is usually crossbred with many other dog breeds like huskies, retrievers, German Shepherds, etc. Samoyeds are crossbred to get certain characters from both breeds. Some examples of popular Samoyed mixes are the Golden Samoyed (Samoyed and golden…