excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies

Excitement Peeing in Samoyed Puppies

Often an overexcited Samoyed puppy releases a few drops of urine. If they are frightened, this behavior is also normal. This usually happens involuntarily when a puppy loses control of the muscles close to the urinary bladder. This happens as an involuntary response to the puppy’s excitement. Samoyed puppy does not understand that it has happened until they feel something wet. Some adult dogs also might have this behavior.

Excitement Peeing

Has it ever happened that you take your Samoyed puppy for a walk, and it spots some bigger dogs around and starts whining? Or has it happened that someone at the park spots your cute puppy and leans in to pet it, and your Sammy gets excited? Or do you remember the last time you were away for a long time and when you came back to pick your puppy, how happy it was? In all these situations, your Samoyed puppy did trickle a few drops of urine, didn’t it? This is a very common thing among these puppies.

The excited Samoyed puppies tend to pee. Excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies are more common than you ever thought of. And if it has been bothering you all this while, then do not worry. 


Why do Samoyed puppies pee when excited?

This peeing in Samoyed puppies is involuntary. This means that your puppy often trickles urine without even realizing that it happened. Any form of excitement can make the muscles around the urinary bladder relaxed. They lose control over them. As a result, a few drops of urine may leak.

When does excitement peeing stop?

There is no age limit for the Samoyed puppies to pee when excited. Usually, the young pups are more prone to emotional behavior. With age, this improves and usually, pups about a year old stop peeing on being excited.

This then brings us to the next question.

How to stop excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies?

Here are several steps you can take to prevent and stop excitement peeing in your Sammy:

  • First, try to identify the source of excitement and reduce it. Avoid situations that trigger its uncontrolled peeing.
  • Stay calm and teach your Samoyed particular commands to keep it calm.
  • Ignore your pup when it’s excessively excited and it will eventually calm down.
  • If all the above does not help, try crate training and release the pup only when it calms down
  • Training your Samoyed puppies to not pee on excitement can be also addressed with behavioral therapy. You have to work with trained personnel to teach your puppy to stop displaying excitement frequently. Once your puppy gets a grip on its behavior, it will automatically stop peeing on excitement.

Health problems leading to excitement peeing

If behavioral training with a professional does not help and you do not see a desirable result with time, you should consider if there are any health-related reasons for excitement peeing. There is a chance your Sammy has medical reasons for uncontrolled peeing. It can be:

  1. Old age.
  2. Urinary tract infection.
  3. Kidney disease.

It’s always better to consult with your vet if you are not sure about your Samoyed’s health.

So, to conclude, your Samoyed puppy is absolutely normal if it pees on excitement. The trickling of a few drops on getting frightened is nothing to be worried about. The poor little one does this completely involuntarily. The muscles surrounding its urinary bladder are to be blamed for it. This observation is not an effect of poor potty training. So please, do not scold your puppy for this. With some love and training and of course, age, your Sammy will soon grow out of this habit. Excitement peeing in Samoyed puppies is one of the common things in them. There are several pet owners who have shared these experiences on the internet. You may read them to understand the issue more.

On the other hand, if you see your Samoyed puppy pees in the house right after being outside, check out this article.

Related Questions:

So, the obvious questions that pop up now are:

  1. Where can you get your Samoyed puppy trained better?
  2. Are there any medicines available to cure this?
  3. Should you scold your puppy for peeing?

Let’s answer your questions one by one.

You can consult local breeders or pet clubs for contacts of efficient trainers for your puppies. This is a very common issue in Samoyed puppies. So you will surely find another pet owner who may have trained their pups through some experienced professional.

These dogs usually stop peeing on excitement without any training by the time they are about a year old.

There are no medicines to handle this. It is mostly exercise and proper behavioural training that can solve this issue.

And lastly, no. Your puppy should not be scolded for peeing on being excited. It may worsen the situation.