Does smacking a Samoyed dog on the nose hurt them?

Does Smacking a Samoyed dog on a Nose Hurt Them?

A dog’s nose is a highly sensitive organ, with soft tissues, cartilage, and blood vessels. Hence, you should not smack a Samoyed on its nose for any reason. It could lead to pain, or at worse, bleeding. Instead, treat your pet in a friendly way.

Are you a Samoyed owner having spent a while with your dog? If so, you might have wondered if smacking a dog on the nose hurt them. The truth is, it does. And you should not do it. Ever.

Does smacking a Samoyed dog on their nose hurt them?

The answer is a clear yes. Smacking a Samoyed induces pain and fear. But does it create more than that? Let’s find out more about dog behavior upon such an action.

Why smacking Samoyeds on their nose hurts?

The first thing to understand is that the nose is a highly sensitive area of a dog’s body. It is a strong sensory organ that can detect even the faintest smells. But, it is made of soft tissue and cartilage. Besides, it also has blood vessels like arteries and veins. There are also sensory nerves. Hence, any strong contact with this area leads to excruciating pain for Samoyeds.

It is better to never touch their nose. In fact, if the contact is too strong, it could even lead to bleeding. This might need proper veterinary attention too. Refrain from touching their nose whatsoever.

What feeling does smacking on the nose induce in dogs?

Some people tap their Samoyed’s nose to provoke or bring their dog to play. This is mainly due to the wrong belief that smacking a puppy’s face or nose makes them more protective. In fact, this is baseless and misleading. It has the opposite effect on them.

Imagine that you act rough with puppies, like tapping on their nose, making them stop. With practice, this makes them more protective. It teaches them that they are allowed to be aggressive and to play inappropriately.

Does smacking on their nose scare Samoyeds?

Smacking or tapping Samoyeds on their nose scares them with no doubt. Once it becomes a habit, your dogs may develop a reflex that hands close to their face mean danger. When someone brings their hands close to their nose, they will become apprehensive. They may even act defensively in some cases.

Smacking a dog face multiple times may act completely negatively to the person that does it. Worse, it could make a Samoyed lose trust in such a person.

Does it trigger self-defence?

Tapping or smacking your Samoyed’s nose will definitely hurt them. When this happens many times, they have the event registered in their memory. In the long run, this triggers fear and self-defence in them.

At some point, your dog may act too defensive with an aggressive growl. Studies suggest that when Samoyeds face such behavior repeatedly they resort to aggressive responses more often. So, the action you take to correct or teach your Samoyed a lesson could end up destroying your relationship with your dog.


Smacking your Samoyed nose is an unkind way to treat your beloved pet. Such an action triggers self-defence, generates fear, and induces aggressive responses from your Samoyed. So, it is better to refrain from this action so that your dog stays friendly and soft in their behavior.

Smacking Samoyed nose is not the solution to teaching your dog a lesson. You should use other force-free methods while training your dog.


Related Questions:

What should dog owners do instead of smacking on the dog’s nose?

Smacking on a Samoyed’s nose is not only unkind but could end up very painful. Hence, you should use other force-free corrections. For instance, you can use the timeout technique to teach your dog that something they do is wrong.

For instance, imagine your dog playfully bites your hand and it hurts slightly. To stop this action, practice stopping plays and using a word when your Samoyed bites next time. You should use the same word every time. When you do this multiple times, a Samoyed remembers and sets it in their minds that this action is a ‘bummer’.

How to train your Samoyed dog to stop bad behavior?

A dog does something because they think it is right. So, to teach them that something is wrong, we should use a soft and loving approach. The aggressive approach is unkind, unethical and never works.

When your dog does some mischief, instead of smacking a Samoyed nose, try using a word or action that disengages. For example, you can say ‘watch’, or ‘stop’ immediately. When it is repeated for similar situations multiple times, your dog can learn the trick. Although this may take some more time than expected, it is worth teaching your Samoyed. Practice friendly ways of teaching your dogs and see the change for yourself.