raw diet for a samoyed

Can I feed my Samoyed Dog a Raw Diet?

Feeding a Samoyed a raw diet: How to start?

Since Samoyeds were sledding dogs, most of what they ate consisted of raw products. A raw diet is usually ideal for a sled dog such as a Samoyed since they used to eat raw food in the wild. Thus, you can feed your Samoyed a raw diet. However, there are many things that you should know before starting to do so. Feeding your Samoyed a raw diet may seem quite simple but you have to be very careful about it and make sure your Sammy gets not only raw meat but also enough veggies.


Feeding a Samoyed a raw diet

There is no right or wrong way to feed your Samoyed. The raw diet has many controversial reviews from different veterinarians which is why it is difficult to say which is better. Below we explain a bit more about what the raw diet comprises of.

Should I feed my Samoyed a raw diet?

Samoyeds were bred to be very strong dogs. They were used for sledding, hunting, and herding. This meant that they had to have enough energy to be able to do the tough work. Leaving in a harsh Arctic climate, most of the Samoyeds had a raw diet. This means they ate a lot of raw meat, and vegetables, etc. Samoyed owners used whatever scraps of meat they got and fed it to their dogs.


Today, many Samoyed owners are starting to go back to this diet, the diet they used to have in the wild. It has many benefits for the dog and is a good option for those who can afford it. However, you must be careful and make sure that your Samoyed gets all the nutrition they require. Samoyed diet should be the right balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Your Samoyed will require all these to be healthy. Also, you have to be careful with the proportion of the food you give them. Samoyeds are the kind of dogs that easily gain weight. If all these aspects are considered then your Samoyed will grow well on a raw diet.


What should Samoyed dogs eat on a raw diet?

As mentioned above, your Samoyed should have a balanced diet. This means that all the essential nutrients should be present in their daily diet. A balanced raw diet for a Samoyed should include:

  • Any meat/bone/organ – 75%
  • Colorful vegetables – 20%
  • Fruit -5%

You should alternate the proteins every week, so they will not get bored of eating the same thing every day. You can try giving saltwater fish once a week as well. What you should not forget are the fatty acids. Always try to include healthy oils in their diet.


There are several things to remember while starting feeding your Samoyed a raw diet.

  1. Include calcium and phosphorus – Calcium and phosphorus are very important nutrients that you should always include in your dog’s diet. Raw meat is high in phosphorus but very low in calcium. This is why it is important to include at least 10-15% edible bones in your dog’s diet. Always make sure that 1/3 of your dog’s food includes bones. Raw eggs with the shell also have a good amount of calcium and phosphorus.
  2. Always include organs – organs are a rich source of most of the vitamins and minerals. Try to include 10%-30% of organs in your dog’s diet. Limit the liver to 10% since it has such a high amount of vitamin A. Feed them a mixture of organs like the liver, spleen, pancreas, etc. Try to limit each organ to 5%.
  3. Lean meats – After including all the bones and organs, the rest of your dog’s diet should be lean meats. A good choice for muscle meat is beef, lamb, chicken, turkey. The protein is the main part of your dog’s diet since it is what will build their muscle to become nice and strong.
  4. Controlling the amount of fat– The biggest mistake people make when it comes to raw diets is providing too much fat. While fatty acids are crucial for your Samoyed to have a healthy coat and skin, it can be detrimental if given in excess. If you are feeding them a whole chicken then their diet is already quite balanced. However, if you are mixing it on your own, make sure not to include so much fat. The fat content should not be more than 10% of their diet.
  5. Vegetables – Samoyeds on a raw diet need veggies for nutrients but not a lot if you already balanced their diet. Fruits and vegetables provide important things like prebiotics, carotenoids, chlorophyll, etc. You can add veggies like broccoli, cucumber or carrot to a raw diet as treats. Vegetables are also a good supplement to a raw diet of an overweight Sammy to help them lose some weight.
  6. Variety– as mentioned above, make sure you feed your Samoyed a variety of food so the diet is balanced. This way they get the most out of the food that you give them. Try to change the raw diet ingredients from time to time. You can also include fish in their diet. Giving fish once a week is beneficial for your Samoyed. You can adjust the balance with time. If you are feeding them more meat one day then you can replace meat with liver the next day. 

How much do you feed a dog on a raw diet?

Most owners feed their adult Samoyed dogs twice a day with raw food. Usually, puppies should be fed an amount of 2-3% of their ideal adult weight. This amount should be split into three or four meals throughout the day.

raw diet

As they reach the age of six to seven months you can start incorporating edible bones into their diet. Try to adjust the feeding according to how they are growing. When your Samoyed is a year old, you can switch to two feedings a day. It will be much better for their digestion especially on a raw diet. Slowly start increasing the amount of food to 3-4% of their weight. Since Samoyeds are such high energy dogs, you might have to increase it to more than 5%.


How do I start my dog on a raw diet?

While starting your Samoyed on a raw diet, it is best to start when they are young. It would not make a lot of sense to feed them dry food when they are young. When they are still puppies, this is a crucial time to make sure that you are feeding them well and they get all the nutrients they need. The best thing to start with is chicken. Use a portion of the breast and some ribs, without skin, and feed this to your dog. If the stool sees okay after one to two weeks then you can advance to different parts of the chicken. Continue with chicken for another month or so and then move on to another type of meat.


When it comes to puppies, you can start giving them a raw diet from the get-go. Start with minced meat containing both meat and bones. As they grow, start incorporating larger pieces to get them to use to tearing flesh.


Related Questions:

Is it expensive to feed my Samoyed dog a raw diet?

Usually, people find that raw food is more expensive than dry dog food. However, there are certain things you can do to cut costs. The first is to feed your dog one raw meal a day. Usually, for most dogs, one raw meal is enough to satisfy their food needs. This will also help you cut the costs of raw food. Contacts with a butcher can also get you a cheap supply of meat. The parts that are not normally sold (like organs, feet, head) can be bought for a much cheaper price if you know a butcher.

What are the benefits of feeding my Samoyed raw food?

Since a raw diet is a more natural approach to feeding your Samoyed, several benefits come with it. Raw food is also cleaner in the sense that you know exactly what is going into the food you are feeding your dog. Samoyeds that are fed a raw diet have a much healthier gut since there is a supply of probiotics. Their skin and fur coat are also healthier. The biggest difference is their poop. Dogs which are fed raw diets have smaller poop size which does not have as strong odor as with dry food. Raw food diet also decreases allergies in Samoyed dogs since it is more natural than dry food.