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Trimming Samoyed nails when a dog is scared of it

How to make nail trimming stress-free for a Samoyed

Trimming your dog’s nails regularly is a necessary component of pet hygiene. Let’s explore some ways to calm Samoyed before nail trimming, but first, we should understand a dog’s natural response to it. By examining this response, we will see how you can desensitize your Samoyed dog to nail clipping. We will then look at some useful steps that can be taken to alleviate Sammy’s stress due to nail clipping.

Why Do Samoyeds Hate Having Their Nails Cut?

Dogs hate getting nails cut because, unlike humans who understand the necessity of trimming nails regularly, most dogs tend to associate nail clippers with negative experiences. Such experiences create a fear of pain, which then triggers a fight or flight response. Pet groomers report witnessing reactions ranging from mild cries of protest to growling, attacking people, and fleeing away from the room when dogs are brought in to have their nails trimmed.


samoyed nails

Without adequate practice and behavioral training, repeating such experiences will make a Samoyed hostile towards you and potentially refrain your dog from trusting you. If your Samoyed puppy or adult dog is uncomfortable with the nail clipping process, it is essential to understand your dog’s behavioral needs and patiently work on familiarizing them with the activity before attempting it.


Why Nail Trimming Might be a Problem for a Samoyed

There are several reasons why many pet owners choose to forgo this process entirely. Those who try it at home without professional help may find it cumbersome to trim overgrown or curled nails which require special clipping techniques. Often, owners use scented shampoo before grooming their dog—this can irritate their sensitive nose and skin and dissuade them from getting groomed. Besides, the sound and fear of clippers propel many pets to react strongly against them, thereby discouraging owners from trimming dog nails.


The most important thing to keep in mind is always to maintain composure and calm. If you are nervous, your Samoyed dog will sense it and not let you cut their nails or touch their paws. Be relaxed and keep your Samoyed dog on a leash when attempting a trim or while taking him to a groomer.


Also, it is advised never to cut a pet’s nails too short. If you end up trimming the ‘quick’, carrying the nerve in their dark toenails, it’s highly likely your Samoyed dog will not let you trim their nails next time. It is advised just to clip the edges frequently. You might avoid using clippers that have attached guards since they can block your view while trimming.

How To Prevent Fear of Nail Clipping in Your Samoyed

Dogs usually associate fear with any unfamiliar object or place that could cause bodily harm. To reduce the fear of nail trimming, your Samoyed dog needs to be acquainted with the process while they are still a puppy. If your dog is grown-up, you can still help him learn gradually. Here are several tips on how to clip Samoyed nails when the dog is scared of it. Fear can be steadily reduced by adopting the following methods:

  1. If your Samoyed formerly had a negative encounter with nail trimmers, you should consider getting a new pair that looks completely different from the previous one. Place it in front of your dog, and as soon as they see it, reward them with ample treats. Then put the trimmer away and stop giving treats. In this manner, your Samoyed will begin connecting the trimmer with a reward.
  2. You can also adopt alternate trimming methods if your Samoyed is terrified of clippers. You could exercise your pet on a rough surface like a pavement so that their nails stay at a healthy length. You may also get nail trimming mats that file your Samoyed’s nails each time they walk on it.
  3. Another option would be to use a nail grinder, which allows smooth trimming of nails. It is useful for larger dogs such as Samoyeds and can help reduce their fear of nail clippers.

 What To Do When Your Samoyed Does Not Let You Cut His Nails

If your Samoyed does not let you cut his nails, then do not perform it for some time. Let some time pass by, and one day casually give him many treats. Gradually, bring out the clippers and see how your Sammy reacts.


If your Samoyed is still scared of nail trimming, put them away, but if the dog does not seem afraid, try enforcing positive association by clipping an uncooked piece of pasta with the clippers. After performing this activity, give your dog a treat. Repeat this exercise a few times. Your Sammy will eventually begin anticipating a treat whenever it sees clippers cutting pasta and will gradually learn to be comfortable seeing clippers around him.


Another method of desensitizing your Samoyed puppy to this process will be to take them on casual visits to the groomer if you seek professional help. Doing so will enable your dog to get accustomed to the surroundings and enjoy a few treats before taking him for the actual trim. On the day of nail trimming, ensure that you remain as calm and relaxed as possible and bring your pet in on a leash. If your Samoyed displays good behavior throughout the process, make sure to reward him amply afterward so that he remembers the experience as a positive one.


How To Calm Your Samoyed Puppy To Trim His Nails

Samoyed dogs are known to have high energy levels and can get destructive easily when bored. It is crucial to ensure that your dog is exposed to regular exercise, including walking, running, and stimulating activities like trick training and hunting objects. Such habits will slow him down and exhaust brain activity. It will keep a Samoyed calm and relaxed, especially if performed before nail trimming.


If your Samoyed is showing severe behavioral issues that you cannot address, consult a veterinarian or a pet behaviorist. Anxiety relieving medication could help calm your dog down before nail clipping.

Steps To Take For A Stress-Free Nail Trimming Experience

 In a nutshell, these are some steps which you can take to ensure your Samoyed puppy/adult dog has a relaxed nail trimming experience:

  1. Help your dog get accustomed to having his paws touched. Start by gently touching the toes and rubbing your fingers around them. If your Samoyed seems comfortable, apply gentle pressure to the nail and retreat. Reward good behavior with treats.
  2. Introduce your Samoyed dog to the nail clippers by showing it to them and saying encouraging words that make it seem you are happy to see the nail clippers. Whenever you bring out these clippers, give your dog a treat. Repeat this exercise a few times until your dog begins associating the clippers with praises and treats.
  3. Slowly acquaint your Samoyed to the sound of the clippers by opening and closing them near your dog. Eventually, reduce the space between the clippers and your Samoyed while talking to him and offering a treat. When your dog responds favorably to the clippers’ sound and accepts their treat, move on to the next step.
  4. Gently place the clippers on your Samoyed’s toe while complimenting and offering a treat. Make sure your dog stays relaxed while you trim the very tip of your nail. Do not cut a lot and give a treat upon completing each nail. It is advised that you do not finish doing all four feet in one session—divide clipping into small increments by attempting two nails followed by a break.
  5. Make sure to replace dull blades by sharp ones following every trim. Dull blades cause pain while trimming.


Related questions:

1. What should I give my dog to calm it while nail trimming?

Usually, it is crucial to ensure that your dog is in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind before trimming his nails. You can achieve it by starting the day with Samoyed’s favorite snack, some exercise, and treats. When your Samoyed is calm, allow him to explore the clippers first by placing them near him, opening and closing them, and offering treats. Repeat this activity over several days and weeks. Positive reinforcement will help your dog get accustomed to the clippers and gradually feel safe when it is time for the trim.


If your dog exhibits behaviors such as growling, trembling, or biting during nail trimming, it might be best to consult a health professional. Neglecting such issues might worsen your dog behavior.

2. Should I punish my Samoyed if he does not let me clip his nails?

Absolutely not. Research suggests that sometimes punishment suppresses dog fear of nail clipping, but it does not remove the fear from the mind. Punishments might also have an opposite effect on your dog than the one you intended, and it may permanently prevent your dog from ever going near nail clippers. You should entirely avoid punishing or scolding your Samoyed dog if it is scared of nail trimming.


It is crucial to be patient with your dog and praise it instead of rebuke while preparing it for nail trimming. It will reinforce your Samoyed trust in you and create a positive impact on both you and your dog.